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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hey, those aren't bad games at all! I just think the layering and freedom found in some of the more complex tactical games is missing and/or lacking in many modern remakes/reworks/re-imaginings. I believe it is mostly to appeal to a bigger audience through the use of multiple platform options; thus, the more controlled and linear approach.
  3. I love JA2. I am 51, so I played Jagged Alliance 1 in law school and JA2 as a young lawyer. So I am an OG fan. But I also like new new Xcom and DOS2, as well. And both Pathfinder games... gotta take our turn-based tactical wins where we can find them.
  4. Last week
  5. The CTO of Haemimont Games a month ago assured that communication on the forum will be revived over time. I trust that they will keep their word 🙂 Or maybe there will be a representative of the community from THQ Nordic.
  6. That is why I believe that November and December are the months when new materials about the game should be gradually released. 🙂
  7. The Announcement Trailer had a CGI short movie and some gameplay.. I'm guessing (really just a guess on my part) that they already have all the underlying mechanics in place and they are creating the different locations, details and questlines. Usually, games get a very early CGI reveal (3-5 years before release) to announce itself and create some buzz around it. Gameplay reveal usually comes when they've nailed down most elements of the game (1-3 years ?). In my own mind, I would like this to be an early-mid 2022 release, but I would imagine something closer to 2023. I think they are playing it "safe" by keeping a little quiet about this game. They must realize the game has a little bit of a cult following (yes, I am part of the Cult of Deidranna okay!!? 🤣 ..we hoard guns and take turns slapping someone called Elliot).. so, maybe keeping quiet is actually the better way to control the fans that would turn things too negative? After all, just that Trailer Reveal has created a stir and a buzz in the JA world.. so it doens't take much to get us going. I might be overthinking that.. and they are simply not at the stage of releasing more info as you said.
  8. Wartales, klotzen Panzer battles and Rise of Humanity look interesting.
  9. I collect and post on the forum everything that contains information about Jagged Alliance 3. Even the information that is repeated. It may also happen that one day something we didn't know about the game will come up. 😉
  10. It's listed by them only as TBA, in contrast to other games being TBA 2021/2022. They know as much as we do, which isn't much. 😆
  11. A cinematic compilation of the 15 best new RPGs with tactical turn-based combat elements, which are to appear in 2021 and the upcoming 2022. Jagged Alliance 3 is at 2:45 minutes.
  12. The Expendables (series): The group of elite mercenaries and motorcyclists based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sylvester Stallone is a leader.
  13. As you can see, each developer has a different approach to communicating progress on the game and this has to be respected. 🙂 Another gives earlier and the other later.
  14. The only thing we are waiting for are answers to some of the FAQ questions from Haemimont Games. This should be followed by the successive addition of DevDiary by THQ. And that's it. 🙂
  15. It should also be noted that with both examples we have a couple of years between the announcement trailer and the final release date. I just hope things go a bit faster with JA3. We're patient, sure, but waiting for 3 or 4 more years? That would be too much.
  16. It should be noted that at least 3 - 4 months before the premiere of, for example, the KoH game, THQ Nordic entered the full marketing hype, as in the case of Biomutant. It also has to be taken into account.
  17. From my experience, the bigger the budget/project, the more restrictions are in place. They are usually placed by the publisher and not the developers. It means that every bit of info, every piece of content that is released to the public has to go through the publisher and needs official approval, as marketing and PR are part of the publishers' responsibilities. It's easier when publisher and developer are the same, like it is with Paradox, but this isn't the norm. And not the case with Haemimont and THQ Nordic; both are obviously different entities. And don't forget that it is a frustrating experience for the devs, too. They dedicated a few years of their lives towards JA3 and can't talk about it. It would drive me crazy.
  18. Maybe because other games are waiting for their premieres in the publishing plans and therefore the activity of developers on the forums is limited. I think you have to be patient and wait this period. They will just release the games they have to and slowly start visiting our forum. At least I think so.
  19. What's a bit deflating is the lack of commentary from the developers in here.
  20. Any good "tactical" movies that cam scratch that Jagged Alliance itch to recommend? A couple of movies I very much appreciated: 9th Company (2005): Russian movie about a bunch of recruits who are sent to Afghanistan in the late 80's. Brutal movie, very realistic and anti-heroic in a way. Nokas (2010): Norwegian movie (from real event) about a heist that ends up as a gunfight in the streets. Very realistic portrayal of gunfights, weapons and nothing over the top.
  21. "Someone" purchased full article, that someone has it in German 🤷🏼‍♂️
  22. In my opinion more information about the game will be in November. Because in October I would't count anything more.
  23. Don't lose hope, it's too early for that. That new article just does what we do: analyze the trailer/screenshots. There's nothing new, just speculation.
  24. how will I deal with blood in the game?, in ja2 the head was shot back and the chest was shot in the meat
  25. I love discussing the game with my fellow Jagged Alliance crazies and freaks... but I'm having a hard job shaking off a feeling that the game is walking a very thin line and I just don't know "what foot to stand on" with JA3. I look at screenshots and talk to you guys, and things look bright.. I start reading some articles, and some details about the new game just bring my spirits down a little. 😪
  26. I was kind of hoping to get the physical magazine.. It would have given me the digital also; but I haven't opened a PC-gaming related magazine in maybe (almost) 2 decades. I'll go check it out over the weekend and PM you in the case I do just ge the digital files. Thank you!
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