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How about a DevDiary?


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So obviously asking for even a rough estimate of the games release date would be rather pointless now - but how about some info about the first developer diary entry? There is a 'DevDiary' section set up in this forum space for a reason, and I doubt this reason is for it to remain empty. So a rough estimation of when could we realistcally expect the first Dev Diary would be appreciated - in a week? A month?


I would hope this very first DD to reveal some intel on the current state of the game (was the intro from a pre-alpha vertical slice or is the game further in development?) just to set our expectations about the release timeframe, perhaps alongside information about plans for the future: is some form of early access planned? How often are DDs planned to appear, what is their scope meant to be? Finally would love the learn about the overarching vision the devteam has for this project :]

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On their website they only have a fairly old Dev Diary about Surviving Mars. One each month for a total of 10 it seems. It does look like the blog is dead though.

There's also an even older (seemingly honest for a dev) post about the shortcomings of Tropico 5. Didn't have time to read trough it, but it probably gives some insight on how the devs think and work and what lessons they've managed to attain.

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Paradox has weekly DevDiaries. Yes, I know, that would be too much to ask for. But once every two or three weeks? That should be reasonable.

At the very least they should understand the DevDiaries as part of their marketing and put some effort into it. I mean, they try to sell the game to us. Talking about it isn't just doing us a favor, quite the opposite.

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