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What are the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FEATURES you would require (or hate) for JA3 to be what it's name implies?


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Okay.. I've noticed some of us have had many ideas, reserves, worries, hopes and dreams for Jagged Alliance 3.. I would like if this topic could become a more "concise" location to keep track of what are each and everyones idea of what is absolutely NECESSARY for them to consider Jagged Alliance 3 a game they could imagine being a success (in terms of holding the Jagged Alliance name, not talking financial success here).

For myself, the bare minimum would have to start with Mercs individual personalities.

Without this, the game loses one of its core unique features and simply turns into another turn-based tactical game.

Another feature I deem an absolute NECESSITY is the same CLASS-LESS system as in Jagged Alliance 2.

I would really HATE to see locked classes with perks and levelling as the modern xcom (and derivatives) have turned into.

A Strategic Layer ("World" Map) AND a Tactical (Combat) Layer are also a must!

While I also prefer a turn-based system, I've played many real-time with pause and also systems like 7,62 High Calibre and Back in Action.. I'm okay with those systems. As long as you can pause to study your situation.

I understand having real gun names in modern games often require many licensing agreements, which can be costly. That said, I would rather a wider variety of weapons with an accurate look, ammunition and realistic behaviour versus fewer guns but real name.

I have many wants, but I'm open to new ideas.. or I'm trying to be anyways.

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No real time stuff for me. Might have been how it worked in other titles and games, but the classic JA1/JA2 experience is what I need. It was such a perfect formula.

I'd also like to see destructible environments ala Silent Storm.

I'm not too bothered by weapon names, just as long as there's plenty of variety. 

I also super agree with the lack of classes. That would really drag the game down a few notches. 

I'm liking what I see so far and the cynicism I normally have with new releases just isn't there. For the first time in a long time, I'm excited for a new entry in a favourite series. 

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On 10/8/2021 at 9:19 AM, Jack_Aufenhand said:

It was such a perfect formula.

...and that's what I think everytime I play Jagged Alliance 2.

Another detail I ALWAYS greatly enjoy in JA2 are the firefights that involve lots of enemies and lots of militia. It's really fun to sit back and take part in those huge battles.

I really hope that JA3 let's you join in battles with militia and that it won't just be an auto-resolve thing.

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I have given this a really long thought. What are my bare minimum requirements to accept this game as a "true" Jagged Alliance game. I have realised that I have very high demands, however; I have in the thought process scaled them down alot, since this game has to be relevant for less "1.13 hardcore" gamers aswell.

Unique personalities, Buddy/Foe system. True to the "lore" established from JA and JA2.

Non-linear strategic progression. Let me be able to choose what parts of the map to conquer and when and how.

Tactics matter more than mercs individual skill. Perhaps one of JA2 greatest feature. No matter how experienced and what skills your mercs had you could not put them in a bad situation and expect them to come out of it thanks to their level/hit points/armour/weapons.

Day/night and weather matters and allows their own pros and cons to combat encounters. 

Classless system. I am OK with skills like in JA2 were some mercs are specialists in certain areas and are more suitable to certain rolls than others. But not classes with a bunch of unique abilities and weapon/item restrictions like it is done in the later XCOM games.

Good weapon varieties, but quality and distinct difference/utility beats quantities in my humble opinion. I do not regard real life weapon names a must since licensing rights today are fairly strict. No level-ish system for weapons, (again) look at how JA2 did it. I would also like a distinct weapon progression (again) how it is done in JA2. Starting your team out with pistols, maybe a shotgun and/or and smg and clawing your way trough sectors and finding a precious rifle with a limited amount of ammo at the early stages. AND MAKE WEAPONS SOUND F'IN SCARY BECAUSE BEING SHOOT AT IS F'IN SCARY!

Turned based combat with action points akin to JA2 and do not go real time with pause. This already seems to be the way from the little gameplay we have been shown.

Destructible environments. Come on it is 2021! Silent Storm had destructible 3D environments back in 2003!

Modding/map tools. Look at how long lifetime games with modding tools tend to have! Maybe not a demand but a suggestion to prolong the games lifespan. For me it is more than enough if it is added after realese.

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1 hour ago, Hendrix said:

What are my bare minimum requirements to accept this game as a "true" Jagged Alliance game. I have realised that I have very high demands, however; I have in the thought process scaled them down alot, since this game has to be relevant for less "1.13 hardcore" gamers aswell.


I think this is the most important aspect here. It has to qualify as 'true' Jagged Alliance for long-time fans, but also needs to be mainstream enough be enjoyable for as many non-hardcore players as possible. Developing games isn't as easy or cheap as it was some 20 years ago, so for the sake of commercial success some concessions are necessary.

While I noticed that some people here don't like the new XCOM, they probably don't know that it may be the only reason we get to see JA3 in the first place, as it did nothing short of a small miracle: XCOM revived a dead genre and was a commercial success. It's only natural that any investor would want JA3 to be as similar to XCOM as possible to minimize financial risks.

And that's what we can see from the few gameplay scenes we were shown: the cover system, skills, even the overwatch symbol are close to XCOM. That is also why we won't get 1.13 2.0.

That being said, I'm quite hopeful that we're on the right track this time around. I don't see any hints that there's a restrictive class system with odd weapon restrictions, I can see that there's weather, there's some inventory management, you have more than one squad, you have three stances (likely standing, crouching and lying), firing modes for weapons, body part aiming, an AP based combat system... all in all more than XCOM had to offer here.

Combat-wise I'd say that JA3 already is the 'true' JA experience. Although that isn't necessarily a good thing. The biggest challenge for Firaxis was the flow of combat. XCOM 1 was - not unlike JA2 - a slugfest of crawling, camping and waiting for interrupts/overwatch. That's the reason for those time limits in XCOM2. I can't deny that the flow of combat has indeed gotten better, despite hating the time limits. I think this is also the biggest challenge for JA3: to make combat faster/discourage boring overwatch-camping without imposing severe time limits or punishing players for not overwatching everything to death.

That leaves us with the strategic management and its complexity. Honestly, I wouldn't mind some abstractions that remove tedious steps like shuffling around magazines or grenades. Before Firaxis removed it I was unsure if it was the right thing to do. I mean, extensive ammo management was part of all my beloved turn-based tactical games from the 90s, so I believed it was important. But now I wouldn't want it back and I hope JA3 will do something similar (like auto-restock ammo/grenades and auto-repair weapons/equipment in certain zones or allow resupply for a small fee via drone etc.).

Logistics should be all about acquiring special equipment for upgrading your mercs and their items piece by piece. Getting ammo or even a car is trivial, getting rare equipment like armored military vehicles, a Ratnik body armor or tactical AR goggles isn't. And that's what I wish for: an inventory system that is more than just 2 utility slots, one weapon and that's it.

Gaining experience and earning new skills/better stats is also a big part of the 'true' JA experience. I'd be okay with a few restrictions; I know that not everybody can become an expert for explosives or sniper rifles. Just not a system that locks you out of basic options.

What also grew on me is the whole 'create your own merc' thing. It was great to have at least one custom merc and I hope it is still in.

Side-quests are a must. They don't have to be huge or elaborate, but who doesn't remember Kingpin and his money?

The strategic management shouldn't be too shallow. While I think that building and upgrading a base would be nice, I don't think it is necessary. But upgrading mines, rebuilding barracks for militia or repairing an old harbor or a radar installation to unlock more options/features should be the bare minimum.

Overall I remain hopeful. The few things we were shown - including the choice of developer - are convincing. For now at least.

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4 hours ago, Hendrix said:

I have given this a really long thought.

...and Sir-Tech couldn't come up with a better description than that!


You pretty much wrote down most of what I think of JA2 and what I want for JA3.



...when you're fighting around with SMGs and basic rifles and you got a black shirt taking bursts with a Kalashnikov...


Oh Jagged Alliance! What have you done to me!!?

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