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  1. What was going on here? And it's actually the "guests" themselves.
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  3. Len - Higher experience level (7) than everyone else on AIM except Gus Tarballs (8), at half the price of Scully. Excellent combatant who starts with an assault rifle, trivializing the early battles. Also useful outside of combat: 61 Leadership - Good at talking to Arulco natives. Teacher - Better than most at training militia. 54 Mechanical - Better than most at repairing items. Len has the special ability of being unable to gain further skills and levels, which means he will never increase in price. I could argue that his inability to learn wastes experience that other mercs could use, but I don't think it's important for hired mercs to become better combatants over time, because you can just replace them with better mercs instead. For example, Raven is a phenomenal sniper for her price at first--night ops, sunglasses, dexterity and marksmanship in the 90s, at less than 60% of the price of Lynx or Scope--but she eventually surpasses Lynx and Scope in price, making her just another very expensive top-tier merc, of which there are many.
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  4. This is Haemimont Games Messenger answer to the question about the release date.
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  5. I'm slowly starting to worry about this silence from the producers. 🤔
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