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  1. The enemies Ivan and Fidel kill in the gameplay footage are named "Marauder"s.
  2. It's not a trivial feature, it's a basic part of how almost all magazine fed firearms (some SMGs and the Browning Automatic Rifle being the main exceptions) work. (Yes, I know the magazine in the drawing only has 7 currently in it, but it can hold 😎
  3. (no edit function) Upon further inspection, the inventory icon doesn't have the foregrip.
  4. The gameplay footage shows Ivan holding a Romanian PM md. 63 (which can be identified by its wooden front grip), even though the trailer and main art shows "normal" AK rifles. What's the reason for including it in-game? Are multiple 7.62x39 rifles in the AK family present in the game (as would be expected of JA2's massive gun library) with Romanian ones being on the lower end of quality, or is there some other reason Ivan has a relatively unusual AK?
  5. This "detail" (really a critical piece of firearms operation) always seems to get left out in most video games and is really, really odd that it was omitted in Jagged Alliance 2. Will JA3 fix this mistake?
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