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  1. I don't know at this point. Most marketing decisions are up to the publisher, including starting date for the dev diaries and the decision where to publish them. THQ Nordic have been an excellent partner to us and I am sure they will make the best decisions for the game regarding the dev diaries.
  2. Yes, lots 🙂 Can't talk about specifics yet, but I am certain you will catch many of them when you see new footage. Not just yet - I am waiting for greenlight to get started with the dev diaries and am just as eager as you all.
  3. Both Boyan and Momchil (one of our key combat designers) are huge fans of the channel. Momchil has been watching it since day one.
  4. Hello, everyone! My name is Boian Spasov and I am one of the two Boians leading the efforts of the Jagged Alliance 3 design team. Allow me to introduce ourselves, as we're excited to start sharing a little more about what's happening on JA3's development.. First off - the introductions! It is unusual for a game to have two design leads, but I and my colleague Boyan Ivanov have been working in tandem like this for more than 15 years now here at Haemimont Games. Yes, we do spell our first names differently, only reason being we want to confuse people and sow chaos in an otherwise orderly world. We both love strategy and tactical games and created together our fair share of them (Tropico 3-5, Omerta, Surviving Mars), but Jagged Alliance 3 is our most ambitious project yet. Jagged Alliance 1 and 2 both hold a special place in our hearts and like many other fans we've dreamed for a true sequel for many years. Turns out that fate decided to grant us the monumental task to craft that sequel, something that makes me giddy with joy even now, years after it has been decided. Now to address the elephant in the room - why has the dev team been quiet since the game announcement back in September last year? We understand how this can be frustrating for the community, but the simple reason is that the game is in a rapid iteration development stage that prompted us to look more inwards than outwards. With some core mechanics still being refined it felt too early to talk about specifics publicly. We knew things were going to be constantly changing, and having to discuss a moving target could provide even more frustration. Finally, there are many things that we are simply not at liberty to discuss yet. Still we appreciate your patience and passion, and we feel that some elements of the game are starting to settle enough that we’ll start sharing a little more in the near future. The game is slowly becoming more solidified and it will not be too long until we publish the first DevDiary. From this point on, you can expect to hear more from both me, Boyan and the other team members. In the meantime, rest assured that we are reading your discussions, hopes and expectations both here and on other venues (Discord, Steam Forums, Facebook, etc.), so please continue sharing them! They may very well set the theme for our first DevDiaries, not to mention there is time for them to change the game yet! See you in JA3! Boian
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