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  1. Hey, those aren't bad games at all! I just think the layering and freedom found in some of the more complex tactical games is missing and/or lacking in many modern remakes/reworks/re-imaginings. I believe it is mostly to appeal to a bigger audience through the use of multiple platform options; thus, the more controlled and linear approach.
  2. The Announcement Trailer had a CGI short movie and some gameplay.. I'm guessing (really just a guess on my part) that they already have all the underlying mechanics in place and they are creating the different locations, details and questlines. Usually, games get a very early CGI reveal (3-5 years before release) to announce itself and create some buzz around it. Gameplay reveal usually comes when they've nailed down most elements of the game (1-3 years ?). In my own mind, I would like this to be an early-mid 2022 release, but I would imagine something closer to 2023. I think they are playing it "safe" by keeping a little quiet about this game. They must realize the game has a little bit of a cult following (yes, I am part of the Cult of Deidranna okay!!? 🤣 ..we hoard guns and take turns slapping someone called Elliot).. so, maybe keeping quiet is actually the better way to control the fans that would turn things too negative? After all, just that Trailer Reveal has created a stir and a buzz in the JA world.. so it doens't take much to get us going. I might be overthinking that.. and they are simply not at the stage of releasing more info as you said.
  3. Any good "tactical" movies that cam scratch that Jagged Alliance itch to recommend? A couple of movies I very much appreciated: 9th Company (2005): Russian movie about a bunch of recruits who are sent to Afghanistan in the late 80's. Brutal movie, very realistic and anti-heroic in a way. Nokas (2010): Norwegian movie (from real event) about a heist that ends up as a gunfight in the streets. Very realistic portrayal of gunfights, weapons and nothing over the top.
  4. I love discussing the game with my fellow Jagged Alliance crazies and freaks... but I'm having a hard job shaking off a feeling that the game is walking a very thin line and I just don't know "what foot to stand on" with JA3. I look at screenshots and talk to you guys, and things look bright.. I start reading some articles, and some details about the new game just bring my spirits down a little. 😪
  5. I was kind of hoping to get the physical magazine.. It would have given me the digital also; but I haven't opened a PC-gaming related magazine in maybe (almost) 2 decades. I'll go check it out over the weekend and PM you in the case I do just ge the digital files. Thank you!
  6. Is anyone ordering the physical magazine? I created an account on the Gamestar website, but it did not let me select my country (only 3 countries available to select). [sorry, could not edit my last post]
  7. https://www-gamestar-de.translate.goog/artikel/neues-gamestar-heft-ja-jagged-alliance-3-wird-wirklich-entwickelt,3374188.html?_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-GB&_x_tr_pto=nui
  8. One of the displayed artwork gives that vibe! I'm really curious/anxious to see more about this game.. ..it'll be interesting to see the advancement in their game engine and how they implement the Bethesda we know so well into a game dealing with space and worlds.
  9. Not to break your spirits @Wigen, but I think of we look at games under the THQNordic umbrella, most games like Tropico, Surviving Mars, etc... function on DLC. unfortunately. I really dislike this trend, as a person with an old-school mindset. But, I do not work this industry, so maybe it is a necessary evil for some companies to survive?
  10. I think we were waiting for you to say that! 😅
  11. While I have my fair share of criticisms of Bethesda games, they do create unique worlds that can really draw me in and keep me immersed for hours upon hours. I am looking forward to Starfield while we wait for the next Elder Scrolls title. Got this e-mail today.
  12. I have also watched the video quite a few times.. I was a little more focused on everything after 1 minute, haha! I saved all the wallpapers/screenshots from the website to my pc and set them as slideshow wallpaper 🙄 So you aren't alone to be crazy 😋
  13. @Kordanorhas posted some details about his analysis of the trailer somewhere around these forums.. 😁
  14. I would 'guesstimate' that the bigger the studio, the more the game will be streamlined for a bigger audience. Not only for profit reasons, but big studios do not usually handle niche products (unless it's that kind of studio with a publisher of niche games, like Matrix Games / Slitherine). At the same time, higher budgets can also mean better visuals, better audio, voiceovers and overall game polish.. and as much as I don't put my faith in graphics as much as gameplay, it would be nice to have a modern isometric JA-style game with real-world firearms. Haemimont, from the few games I've played, have a good eye for detail and intricacies. Surviving Mars is what I would call a pretty well balanced game. It's not overly complex, but it is far from being a simplistic game. As long as they can keep this level of detail, management and complexity in JA3, I think I should be happy. Anyways, thanks for our ranting conversation @LXant, maybe I will try to look at possible changes in JA3 as not such a negative thing 😏
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