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  1. This, 1.13 features are for nerdy people, not for eveyone (like me for example)
  2. I played and haven't like it. Don't be the community paladin here because is pathetic. Not everyone likes the same things.
  3. I'm not a troll i think, just a guy which play Vanilla JA2 from 1999 (don't like 1.13 at all or simply want to replicate the original experience). You should ask for an easy way to mod the game in my opinion because not everyone wants a "more complex" game.
  4. .... and please, just stop asking for 1.13 features. That's just nerdy stuff.
  5. I'm the only one who does not like 1.13 and prefers vanilla JA2 ?
  6. I don't care the ETA, i care about the game quality.
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