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  1. You and everyone else on the forum methinks, @Gavs! Great times will hopefully be ahead!
  2. No I doubt it will be available at launch. However, if there are Mod tools to be released I am sure some crazy modder would fix it. Although truth be told, XCOM 2 has that option to play music from the first XCOM, but I never use it as the second soundtrack is excellent by itself.
  3. Thanks @Wigen! Great news! I don't have any social media stuff so I had hopes someone could reach out to some official channel. Thanks again for you Twitter-sleuthing!
  4. I disagree with the notion that the Devs wouldn't want to browse the forum in their lunch breaks or in their free time. I work in Security so I don't have any incentive to read up on forums as there really isn't much to tell about my job. I can imagine if you are part of creating something, you are interested in what other people think. Be it only to get new enthousiasm for your project. I think the Devs actually like their jobs so doubt they quit it the minute they get off. I know from other forums that Devs do read the forums and sometimes even reply. If not, the Community Managers will. No, I don't think the Community Manager here is Bulgarian. I suspect he is appointed by THQ but I highly doubt that he has not any contact with the Devs. But without any official confirmation of anything it is all guess-work.
  5. I don't know the Dev team, but I can imagine if I were in their shoes, I'd frequent the forum on my lunch breaks or when I have some time for myself during the day. Just to browse. But they have a Community Manager who does frequently visit the forum. Some official input would mean a lot, at least for me. And maybe Brad can reach out to the Devs that there are some people here with some fresh new ideas which will make this game a great success(or). 😉
  6. I find the lack of official input a bit worrying. I get flashbacks of "End State", a very promising Jagged Alliance remake which was unfortunately abandoned by the Dev team. I noticed that the community manager Brad was last seen visiting these forums last Friday, but I don't know if there even are Dev accounts on this forum. I enjoy bantering between us fans, but some official input would be welcome, some confirmation that they are aware 🙂 Maybe Brad could shed some light on this? Us die-hard fans need some official straws 😄
  7. The Gears of War game you refer to is Gears of War: Tactics. It is also available on Steam and personally it is a lot of fun! A bit short but great graphics, gore galore and a 3-point movement system. Based on XCOM (what else), but much slicker presentation and the execution moves never get old! Customisation of everyone except the story characters. Never played RS:Siege as it really didn't appeal to me. Small map and the action is all too fast for my liking. I rather stick to turn-based games as my reaction speed is not that of Younglings nowadays. The only shooters I play are coop ones against the AI (see next point). Wildlands was, and is, light years ahead of Breaking Point. You could draw parallels with JA2, be it squad based and overthrowing a ruler (with a lot of minion rulers). The game really shined in multiplayer with helicopter antics and more fun stuff! JA:Rage was just a simple cash grab using the name. I bought it in the sale for a few euros, but even then it was not worth it. Didn't return it though, I like having a Steam Library with a lot of games starting with Jagged Alliance 😄
  8. I am with Swi74, if they could implement a rep system of some sorts, that would be great. Hicks won't return in the African setting of JA3 methinks 😄 .
  9. I voted for static vehicles, other than transportation by the player using helicaopters or trucks. The static tanks were prone to bug out, but I had fun with them.
  10. I always like to create my character in games. So I'll go for the questionaire. But only for nostalgic reasons. I would like that they also add the option of skipping that and just build your character using predetermined skill points.
  11. I now am wondering where you from? 😄 The piracy here in Holland is there but not on a great scale as in the Commodre 64 and Amiga 500 times. I recall having not one orignal game back then in a library of 300+. Shame that this was also the downfall of the system. Man, that was a great system with no installation probs (you just put a disk in in, it loads and you can play). No installation of hardware, and a massive memory of 1 MB!! Great games too. Okay, sorry, back to topic 🙂 I think it will really depend on the reception on PC, if the game will be ported. I don't think I read anywhere that the Devs plan on releasing on consoles? Or did I miss something? Releasing a game like this on consoles is dependant on the complexity methinks. XCOM (yes, I use it again) did port to consoles and was a success if I recall correctly, but was a more mainstream game than Jagged Alliance will be. It is hard to say really, and is depending on the funding and manpower of the Devs if a port is in the future. For me, I would like them to finish the game on PC, and then look onto porting. No need to dedicate resources towards console development while PC development is lacking 😉 But I agree if the game is a succes, and will be ported, cross-platform coop would be a great feature!
  12. I enjoyed all versions, and like Kordanor said, 1.13 is a niche market. Personally I prefer JA2:Wildfire over vanilla JA2. If you haven't played that one, give it a shot. It's the same game story wise but they added some stuff in sectors etc.
  13. Polls would be great, so that's a +1. Furthermore, although this is a rather new forum, I have not seen any input from Devs in the various topics. I take it you are the community manager, Brad? It would be great to have some Devs reply on some questions us fanatics have, and maybe, as Godspeed stated, some input in the development timeline. I think most Forumites like me are really excited for the release of this game, as it looks way better than previous attempts to refeul the Jagged Alliance franchise, so some Dev input would be most welcome!
  14. I am with Godspeed on this one. Like I said in another thread, JA2 1.13 is in a niche market. this Developer needs the game to speak to the masses. Making it super detailed will only scare away casual gamers, which hurt sales. While I enjoyed the mods (cannot remember if I played 1.12 or 1.13), I also doubt they will implement all those features. But maybe the Devs add Modding Tools and the community can go berserk.
  15. Ah now I understand. Yeah I think the answer will be the same; I think it is a trivial feature for the masses. But again, if the Devs read this, they might be temnpted to add this feature.
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