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  1. A global/strategic/tactical map editor, a character editor, an item editor, a quest editor, lots of room to add things & people . . . and a quest editor . . . please. 🙂 Did I mention a quest editor?
  2. <sigh> never played it . . . well, that's that. No amount of modding can fix what ain't even there to begin with.
  3. What matters most to me in my "hope" for a game that will let me put JA2 down is depth of character interaction, combat, and an open non-linear world. Also, easy to mod 😀. In the combat not only do I want to see an attempt to portray real weapon attributes, but also extremely important to me to keep the unique wound/heal system of JA2. Super powers, I mean skill perks (or whatever), are OK if subtle, but if over-powered they should be saved for use in a superhero game (of which there has never been a good one, and I can't think of a reason why). Just my 2 cents.
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