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  1. Yeah, that could also be a nice touch. Having a in-game-online-newspaper reporting the events in the game. The "in-game-media" could also be used to direct players to interesting places and stuff in the game world.
  2. Regarding @LoboNocturno idea of ambient sounds. A bit of a random thought hit me. Would it be cool (or not) to have radio stations / tv stations reporting on what is going on in the country during the conflict? Maybe from different angels depending on who supports the specific station?
  3. @Carl? As in Carl "Reaper" Sheppards? Shouldn't you want some sleek high powered sniper rifle suitable for some rooftop sniping? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Jokes aside, good points about having handguns, smgs and shotguns as valid options even during the later stages of the game. The stage of the game I enjoy the most is were pistols, smgs and shotguns are the "main" weapons.
  4. ๐Ÿป Reminding people of their backlog is my greatest enjoyment. ๐Ÿ˜ Hell I really have to have a long talk with both my boss and wife about the lack of spare time, to finally get through all these unfinished games and to replay a few aswell.
  5. @LoboNocturno Gun Jesus boring? You blasphemous heretic! Just joking friend. ๐Ÿป I understand his channel is not for everyone. Me being an mechanical and electrical engineer however I really enjoy seeing all these mechanical wonders and how they work or why they don't work. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Interesting idea @cdg10. I would be for something like that, as long as the implementation wont limit what guns the mercs can use. Perhaps it could be the other way around aswell, that some mercs despise certain guns? Maybe a weapon familiarisation system could also be implemented? After all, the more you use a weapon the better you will perform with it.
  6. Not a tactical movie at all but I find it fun and interesting. The Pentagon Wars, a "comedysation" about the development of the Bradley. Interesting to see the mindset of "let's fix this non existing problem".
  7. I scrolled through this topic quickly and I could not see any mention of the old Silent Storm games, although I belive most of us here are familiar with the titles. But if not, they are WW2 story driven tactical rpgs. You choose between fighting for the allies or axis and create your own soldier out of (if I remember correctly) 6 different classes. After that you select a team to fill up the 5 open slots in your squad, equip them and set out for different missions. It has 3D destructible enviorments and the characters and enemies are over the top silly. Edit: I belive there was a old JA3 project, using the same engine.
  8. I would like to suggest the developers (@Haemimont_Boian @Haemimont_Boyan) to check out Ian "Gun Jesus" MacCollum's awesome YouTube channel Forgotten Weapons (maybe you already know of it). I do not belive you can find a broader vault of information regarding all sorts of guns. Who knows, you might find something really cool over there for the game!
  9. Glad to have you here @Haemimont_Boian! @GODSPEED! Now's our chance to get all those 1.13 features in and AIMNAS level of gear and weapons! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Len or Shadow, pull back? Nah, that must mean our good friend Lance Fisher is back! ๐Ÿ˜‚ "Due to persistent personality clashes with Victoria Waters, Lance was asked to resign from A.I.M. in exchange for a posting at Westpoint Military Academy. He accepted and is currently an instructor of ethics and tactical withdrawal, a subject he recently published a book on. "Beating a path to safety without screaming." is available at most military college bookstores." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni gallery
  11. The weekend gave me some room to think things trough (don't judge me, I am slow, ok!) and here my guess. The main reason for the reveal of the title, and the forums etc. is all due to the normal corporate bullsh... I mean procedures. To give their (THQ's/Embracer group, whatever) stocks the best boost they can for the end of the year (2021), they reveal a bunch of titels. Nevermind how far away each title is from release. Makes sence right? THQ can then tell the shareholders: Hey we got this many upcoming titels! Dosen't it look great? Shareholders caring about the next quarterly return on their investment, runs trough their checklist: Sounds good. Are preorders up? THQ: Ofcourse! SH: GOOD. What about trailers for the game to incriese hype? THQ: Got'em! SH: Excellent. And sites for publishing more hype? THQ: Yes! We are already listed on these stores (shows list). SH: Very good! Haemimont over in the corner: Uuuh guys, we are like... a year away from showing anyth... THQ: Shhhh! Quiet! Stocks are up! I have experience similar things myself. Just last year, I among a few other colleagues were forced into a project by the company we work for. An idea that really was no more than a few notes on a piece of papper that a few of my colleagues had a discussion about. The idea was great, no doubt about that. The company got wind about the idea and demanded that a project was to be established and finished whitin the very same year. Normally we spend a year just in preparation, risk assessments, pre-constructions etc. And why the rush you ask? Because the idea was so good and running the project trough at less than half the time we normally take, gave the company a very nice incriese in stock value. I myself had a very small role and was not affected much by it but a few of my colleagues worked themselves to the bone to make sure the project was successful.
  12. I only want to see what guns Ivan can use to destroy his enemies. ๐Ÿคช Jokes aside, I want too see game mechanics, how it all fits togheter when combining the strategic, tactical and financial gameplay. Also a bit of gameplay toghetet whit a look at the character presentation in the game, how the charecters personality is presented to you as a gamer. To see if they captured the "vibe" from the earlier games.
  13. Well... I much rather have Haemimont take their good time and develop a well thought trough, complex, balanced, (relatively) bug-free and fleshed out game. Finally giving us a game whit the same unique experience last seen 2 decades ago. If they rush it we will just get some bug riden, unbalanced, semi-functioning game with the same stale voice actor for every character... and the "curse" of developing a JA game continues.
  14. Now that's a nice birthday present! ๐Ÿฅณ Damn @Wigen, you just keep them coming, don't you?!
  15. Yupp! @Wigen deserves a special thanks for being an amazing source of information! @LXant too for sheading some light on the whole THQ corporate businesses model. Cheers guys! ๐Ÿป
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