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  1. Canuck eh? Must say I love the Trailer Park Boys and Red Green's inventions are awesome! But god damn I hate your country when it comes to hockey! πŸ˜‚ Congratulations to passing the test! I guess we have derailed this topic enough Godspeed, so I made a new one over in the Off Topic Section were we can discuss guns and whatnot. πŸ™‚ Since this is a JA forum I guess there are more gun nuts lurking around.
  2. Hey Godspeed! I thought it would be for best to continue our gun discussion here. Hope you don't mind. Regarding your questions about Swedish gun laws and what might be similar to Canada. A very very very simplified explanation to the laws are: If you have a NEED (NOT WANT) and can motivate the possession of a specific gun, you can get a permit to own it. Applications are sent to the Police who process the application and decide if you have a legitimate reason to own the specific gun, or not. In reality that generally boils down to 2 specific kinds of permits. Hunting and competition. For hunting you first have to pass a hunting exam. Wich includes a theoretical exam invovling species, safety, etics etc. Also there are practical tests invovling gun safety/handeling and shooting/accuracy. After that you can obtain permits for most types of "ordinary" hunting rifles. The weapon must NOT be of "military design". So basically no ARs or AKs etc. Semi automatic hunting rifles are restricted to a round capacity of 3 or 5 depending on what specific animal you are hunting at the occasion. No magazine restrictions apply for ordinary bolt action rifles. Semi auto and pump action shotguns are restricted to 1+2 capacity. No magazine restrictions apply for target practise at a range however. So in my case, I can hunt with my Ruger PCC as long as I use a 5 round mag. At the range however I occasionally use both 12 and 21 round mags for practise. For competition permits you first have to be a member of a target shooting club, pass a safety course and practise and compete at a regular interval with the clubs weapons for something like a year before you can apply for a permit and expect it to pass. You also have to reapply the permit for each specific competition gun at a 5 year interval. Depending on what sort of competitions you partake in, you can more or less own anything, AKs, ARs, G3s, pistols, revolvers. Fully automatic guns however are EXTREMELY rare to be owned by "civilians". You are NOT allowed to hunt with guns you own specifically for competition. You are however allowed to compete with guns you own with a hunting permit. Again I have to be clear that this is very simplified explanation, there are alot of exceptions and other restrictions aswell. As I mentioned I only own 5 rifles with hunting permit. So what guns do I own? AnchΓΌtz 1416 .22lr, with a black rubberised stock. Fitted with a Hawke 3-9 optic. Used mostly for practice but serves well as a pest control rifle. Ruger PCC 9x19, with a Vortex 2 MOA red dot. I use mine for plinking and as a ranch rifle. An old Belgian Star 12 gauge side by side shotgun, inherited from my grandfather. I have used it a few times hunting hare. Tikka LSA55 .308W inherited from my father. I swapped the original stock to a KKC which made a tremendous different in recoil and increased accuracy aswell. I fitted it with a Swarovski Z6 1,7-10x42 optic. I use it mostly for hunting moose and red deer. And last but not least a Sauer 200 STR in 6.5x55 Swede, fitted with a Vortex 6-24x50 optic. An awesome target rifle. Planing to change the stock to a GRS Bifrost and change the barrel from a 740mm to a 670mm and cut it down to 600mm to make the rifle more feasible for hunting. I also have plans to acquire a semi auto shotgun, right now I am looking at the Beretta A300, A400 and 1301 models. Would love to get into competition shooting, but currently I just do not have the spare time. Most fun gun I have ever shot was definitely the KSP58 (FN MAG). Carried one alot during my time as a conscript in the Swedish Army. Also shot the AK5 (FN FNC) and Glock 17 fairly extensively. The AT4 was pretty cool too.
  3. Nothing wrong with being skeptical. I am starting to feel like that old pipe smoking man on his poarch who rants at todays young'uns about the good old days of gaming. I mean what is the worst case? They botch this game and we go back to play 1.13 for another 5,6,7 years untill the next idio... suicida... I mean OVERLY optimistic game studios have a try at the franchise. πŸ˜‚
  4. Yupp, Ruger PCC 9x19, my model is a "Canadian" version with 470mm barrel lenght. I have mine on a hunting permit (like all my guns), the shorter barrel versions are only allowed for competition shooting here in Sweden. Really fun "plinkster" and serves well when the foxes and badgers starts to roam around the house. And the most important fact is: Yes, it takes glock mags. 😁 Damn, an SKS! Would love to try one! I did get to try a few shoots with an (I belive) AKM back in my army conscript days and the 7.62x39 was in my opinion a fairly pleasurable round to shoot.
  5. LXant, my man! "Ones own surveys are better than others opinions". I WANT to belive that counts for something in todays "gaming climate". Someone who remembers how games (in most cases) used to be. Before it became the industry we see today. There was a passion that many developers (in my opinion) has lost along the way. Hell, I remember when EA was considered to be a good studio! True true, got my guns aswell... and I guess the cat to... course the wife now that I think about it...
  6. Please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true. Dammit, it might be the beer, the wine and the whisky but it brings a tear to my eye that just maybe we are on the right path to get a true sequel to our beloved JA2.
  7. *Looking over the shoulder at my gun cabinet* I wonder why... πŸ˜‚
  8. I completely agree. As much as I love 1.13 with all its features, I sadly belive that in todays gaming development and gaming climate, it is not feasible economically for a studio to develop and market a game as complex as 1.13 at its core. From my view, just like you said Acid, the best I can hope for is a solid and good JA2-in-3D-ish game at its core, with everything fairly easily moddable.
  9. I have enjoyed Door Kickers (SWAT) and Door Kickers 2 (Rangers and CIA). The second installment is still in Alpha or Beta but I like it better than the first. Squad based, tactical, top down, "problem solving". I recommend the youtuber Controlled Pairs Gaming for some introduction to the game. When it comes to shooters, me and my friends used to play Insurgency: Sandstorm. Again I recommend Controlled Pairs Gaming if you want to see some gameplay. For strategy games I am keeping an eye on Songs of Conquest. Heavily inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic (especially the second and third instalments). It is still in development however. Last, a game I still enjoy is Fallout Tactics: Brootherhood of Steel. NOT to be confused with Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel!
  10. I have given this a really long thought. What are my bare minimum requirements to accept this game as a "true" Jagged Alliance game. I have realised that I have very high demands, however; I have in the thought process scaled them down alot, since this game has to be relevant for less "1.13 hardcore" gamers aswell. Unique personalities, Buddy/Foe system. True to the "lore" established from JA and JA2. Non-linear strategic progression. Let me be able to choose what parts of the map to conquer and when and how. Tactics matter more than mercs individual skill. Perhaps one of JA2 greatest feature. No matter how experienced and what skills your mercs had you could not put them in a bad situation and expect them to come out of it thanks to their level/hit points/armour/weapons. Day/night and weather matters and allows their own pros and cons to combat encounters. Classless system. I am OK with skills like in JA2 were some mercs are specialists in certain areas and are more suitable to certain rolls than others. But not classes with a bunch of unique abilities and weapon/item restrictions like it is done in the later XCOM games. Good weapon varieties, but quality and distinct difference/utility beats quantities in my humble opinion. I do not regard real life weapon names a must since licensing rights today are fairly strict. No level-ish system for weapons, (again) look at how JA2 did it. I would also like a distinct weapon progression (again) how it is done in JA2. Starting your team out with pistols, maybe a shotgun and/or and smg and clawing your way trough sectors and finding a precious rifle with a limited amount of ammo at the early stages. AND MAKE WEAPONS SOUND F'IN SCARY BECAUSE BEING SHOOT AT IS F'IN SCARY! Turned based combat with action points akin to JA2 and do not go real time with pause. This already seems to be the way from the little gameplay we have been shown. Destructible environments. Come on it is 2021! Silent Storm had destructible 3D environments back in 2003! Modding/map tools. Look at how long lifetime games with modding tools tend to have! Maybe not a demand but a suggestion to prolong the games lifespan. For me it is more than enough if it is added after realese.
  11. I completely agree! The interaction between the merc's (and some other npcs) really gave the game a soul I still love to this day. I remember one of my early JA2 playthroughs back in 1999/2000, and the end of a particulary nasty battle (most because I did not know what I was doing) in some god-forsaken woods between Drassen and Cambria. Grizzly had taken several hits and things looked dire for him. Wolf is then able to finish of the 3 enemies threthening Grizzly's life and as the last of the oponents falls Grizzly says: "I knew there was something I liked about Wolf!" I still have a hard time playing JA2 without trying to put the mercs who likes eachother in the same squads. I am cautiously optimistic about this game, however if the interaction and personalities of the mercs are not there, then this will not be a JA game.
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