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  1. @GODSPEED Have you checked out Ian's latest video from Finnish Brutality? Entertaining to say the least! 😂 I am not really an AR-15 guy but I really like Ian and Karls WWSD concept.
  2. Yes, and they often get their points across through intimidation. Which just makes them a "wise-ass". I mean it is one thing to recommend something to someone with valid points. But if you do not know the persons reasons for it, how can you say what is right ir wrong for them? Myself I have on numerous occasions found out that what works for 95% others, does not really work for me.
  3. I could not agree more! I enjoy watching people showing their skills/technique/approach to things and explaining what they do and why. What their thoughts about it is and just in general what works for them. But as soon as it goes into that; You have to do this, you have to own that, I just stop listening. There is a lot of claims here among some hunters that if you do not own the very best gear you can not hunt. The best hunter I personally know is an guy in his late 60. Does he own any fancy gear? NO. Does he own a Blaser R8? NO. A ghille suit? NO. But he moves like a f'in ghost trough the forest. He never takes anything for granted. He watches his surroundings and he is patient. Very basic stuff really but he has honed his skills through more or less a whole life working in the forest and hunting.
  4. Yeah, especially since the restrictions started (I have worked from home more or less ever since). Those are indeed very nice! I would not mind owning one myself. However due to another restriction we have here (you are limited to a maximum of 6 guns permited for hunting) I had to decide for my 6th gun to be one I really have a need for (semi auto shotgun for hunting birds in flight in thight forest areas). Sure I can use my old sbs, however due to the very long barrel and very tight spread, the gun is ill suited for that style of hunting. Might sound a bit of a contradiction to my earlier post about "use what you got and learn how to use it", in my defence I have practiced enough with the gun on clay pigeons to learn it's limits when it comes to short ranges and spread, and my own limitations shooting the gun well.
  5. Yupp! Use what you got/can reasonably afford and learn how to use it well. No matter how expensive your equipment is, your own performance is always vital for success. The Uncle we all wish we had, right? 😂
  6. @GODSPEED I decided to comment you in this topic about the HK VP70M. It is probably a no brainer but, if you somehow have missed it. "Gun Jesus" over at the Forgotten Weapons channel on YouTube has some great videos on the weapon. And alot more weapons at that! I also enjoy their sister channel InRange TV. Ian and Karl are in my opinion very likable and has a matter-of-factly approach to things. And they are able to take things in a not so serious manner sometimes and just have fun. Furthermore I sometimes watch Paul Harrell, I find his take on things refreshing to the often very elitist thinkings of many gun channels.
  7. Sounds familiar. I am somewhat of a completeionist (is that a word?) when it comes to games. I want to play trough every quest etc. So games often takes me a great deal of time to get trough. Plus I simply do not have a lot of spare time to spend on games anymore.
  8. Speaking of open world rpgs. Obsidian is developing one in the Pillars of Eternity universe called Avowed. To my knowledge, there is only a short trailer for the game so far and no gameplay.
  9. Agreed, it is always that; "what lies beyond that next hill?" In my opinion, Bethesda's greatest flaws are the story telling (I find them poor at getting the story and quests feeling important) and bland NPC interaction. Yupp, exactly what I need! Another huge open world rpg sitting unfinished on my to-play-list. 😂 How I miss university when you could study by day, play games all night and go partying on the weekends, and get about 8 hours of sleep per week. When the hell did I get old?!
  10. I do not know how the situation is were you live, but my own experience is: Do not underestimate this species instinctive laziness! Of courses they can, but that is to get a competetive edge to other players. Much like calculating the best DPS for a mp shooter. I do not really see that people will play JA in a competetive manner. Again I can only write out of my own experience. But out of those I know IRL who played JA2 and enjoyed it, those people have a bit of a "nerdy" characteristic. Enjoying solving problems or spending hours perfecting something related to a hobby of theirs. I my self do not enjoy playing JA when I am tiered and want to relax, because then I make bad decisions in the game. I simply belive the developer's have a hard task at hand making a game that is complex enough for us old fans of the series, yet accessible and intuitiv enough for those new to the series. I agree, but the racing genre is a big and very diverse one. Racing simulators are not for everyone. Some just want a "Need for Speed" experience. Obviously the developers have a good enough idea of what game they want to make that THQ gave it the go ahead. And THQ belive that the game will be profitable enough to risk the money developing the game. We can hope. We can beg. Pray to whatever diety of our choosing. But until a real gameplay reveal we do not know what to expect. Again CatsPaw, I hope you are right and we get the complexity we want. I am just very unsure that the market is large enough.
  11. As my brother explained (he is an IT consultant) crypto mining and shortage of semiconductor are the main reason. I have no idea if he is right though.
  12. Yeah, games (over all) used to be alot more unforgiving and unintuitive. You had to learn from your mistakes in a way you seldom se in todays games. Learn things trough extensive reading of ingame text to be able to find locations or solve puzzles, search trough the manual of gameplay mechanics, etc. I remember drawing my own maps by hand on a piece of paper next to me to be able to get trough dungeons in some old game. A large portion of gamers today just want to sit down, relax and play the game. Maybe JA3 need something along the lines of what some newer RPGs apply when it comes to difficulties. I am thinking of all the choices you have for instance in Pathfinder Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous. A casual mode for those who just want to relax and play, whit the complex parts removed or toned down to "1". A easy mode thats applys more of the complex features but is still forgiving. A normal mode. A JA3 Core/hard mode. And JA3 "1.13" mode, where everything is cranked up to "11". 😁
  13. Me neither and so far I think we are having a civil discussion regarding this topic. 👍 It is not an age factor really, my fear is that there is not a large market for a JA2-ish game in 3D. I really really hope that you are right CatsPaw. Belive me I am more than happy if I am wrong and they do produce a game true to the classic games! What makes me a sceptic is the overall directions of gaming development. In my opinion, larger established companies tend to take a direction of simplifying games. Not make them more complex.
  14. This. Same goes for Fallout 3 and 4, I do not find much similarities to Fallout 1 and 2. I can not say they carried the legacy established by the first two games very well. I did enjoy Fallout 3 and 4 for what they were though, they are not bad games. Exactly! This is what will decide the gameplay mechanics of a game in the end.
  15. As much as it might hurt our feelings, I really think each and everyone of us must ask them self: Am I, the target audience for this game? It is easy for us to say: We need this! Give us that! etc. And we might be right when it comes to what JA is at its core (so far established by the earlier games). But game development today is an industry, there is time and money invested in a product that some were in the future is expected to turn into profit. I am not defending the developer, simply stating facts. If they turn this into JA-COM my biggest problem is that they bothered with calling it JA instead of creating a new IP free of all the history. But maybe this will also create a new interest from some of the young'uns about the older games and create new fans of the originals. And we, the old, grumpy, cane wielding, pipe smoking original fans can rise up on our unstable legs and as one with our hoarse voices mumble: THIS IS JA! 😂
  16. A fair assumption is that it would not affect a permit already approved of, usually the authorities do not apply rules/laws that takes affect back in time. So if you already have a permit for it, you are likely OK. However it would be more or less impossible to sell the gun to someone else since no one can get a permit for it. So your only option then is to hand the weapon to the Police for destruction when you no longer want it (of course free of charge). Amazing logic! 😂 We have a similar situation here. As I said the Tikka T3x TAC A1 are no longer approved of for hunting because of the pistol grip and foldable stock. OK. I can however buy a Tikka T3x CTR, which is the same gun without the "chassi stock", aaaand mount the CTR into an aftermarket chassi stock with foldable stock and pistol grip. And it is completely fine because it is a bolt action rifle. Because the only semi-auto hunting rifles are affected by the rule of no pistol grip and foldable stock. 😂
  17. Ruger PC Carbine to be specific, so PCC for "short". DREADFUL THOUGHT! 😂 That pretty up sums up my annoyance with firearms regulations, they do not really make sense what is legal and not. Over here for example, hunting permits for Tikka T3x TAC A1 and Ruger Precision Rifle are no longer approved. Why? Well it comes down to looks. Because they have pistol grips and foldable stock therefore more dangerous than anything else! Despite them being bolt action rifles. However, getting a hunting permit for a Browning BAR Match (not to be confused with the WW1 gun) is no problem. You are even able to buy 20 round magazines for it. But a hunting permit for a M1 Garand or a M1A Springfield would not be approved.
  18. I agree, it really looks nice! Just curious about your reason. 🙂
  19. Thanks! I really like it to, has a great balance and really smooth shooting for a .308. The rear iron sight was removed due to the optic being mounted low. The front sight is simply stuck and I am unable to remove the screw. 😂 That looks like a nice and fun "plinkster"! May I ask your reasons to look into that instead of a Ruger 1022 (since they are so popular when it comes to .22)? Personally, if I would buy a .22 today I would buy a KIDD 1022.
  20. Remember seeing this one 12-ish years ago. I agree with you verdict. 👍 Have not even heard of it despite Norway being a neighboring country. Or maybe because it is. 😂 Reminds me of the movie 44 minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out. Based on true events. And since we are mentioning heist gone wrong movies. PLEASE tell me you have seen HEAT! Check these out at IMDB. Ultimate Force, Series about an SAS platoon. Tour of Duty, Series about a US army platoon during the Vietnam war. Maybe not so tactical movies but I cant help watching these old war movies every few years. Were Eagles Dare Kelly's Heroes Guns of Navarone I know there are a lot more of these old movies, but I grew up watching these specific 3.
  21. Combat distances (CD) can really make or break the game in this case. This next sentence might sound contradictive but hear me out: I think most of us wants a game that FEALS realistic, not is realistic. Most of all it must be fun! Like stated above in this topic. If CD is to low, combat will turn (at lest in my belief) into something like the latest XCOM Games. In my opinion, that is not JA! Situational awareness will become "luck-based" since you cannot spot enemies trying to flank you. If CD is to long, I believe combat will become very, very, very tedious and boring. It might be realistic, but I do not think it will be fun. If CD are to long, as soon as combat begin, every enemy on the map would converge and take up positions at optimal ranges of your mercs since they can spot them from 500+ meters. Realistic? Well yeah kinda, fun though? Call me sceptic. Looking at your picture CatsPaw (great name!), I believe I would like to se something along the line of: Pistols/revolvers/MP. From PChar to 3: Good/average hit chance depending on merc skill. 3 - 2 Bad hit chance, 2 - 1 5% hit chance. Shotguns/SMG/PDW. From PChar to 2: Good/average hit chance depending on merc skill. 2 - 1 Bad hit chance, 1+ 5% hit chance. AR/LMG. From PChar to 1: Good/average hit chance depending on merc skill. 1+ Bad hit chance. Shed above NPC 1 5% hit chance. SR/DMR From PChar to 3: Average/bad hit chance depending on merc skill. 3 - 2 average hit chance depending on merc skill, 2 - 1+ Good/average/bad hit chance depending on merc skill. The different weapons could have different suppressive effects. Maybe shotgun, LMG and SR could have the highest suppresive effect of targets, AR, PDW and DMR medium effect and Pistol, revolvers, MP ad SMGs low? Something along those lines. As for enemy behavior I think something like this could be fine. AR/LMG enemy engages at distances 1 - PChar, maybe a 25% chance the enemy instead tries to flank. SR/DMR enemy engages at distances 1+ - 2. If distance is shorter than 2, switches to pistol etc. or tries to increase distance to PChar. Shotguns/SMG/PDW enemy engages at distances 2 - PChar, 25% chance the enemy instead tries to flank. If distance is longer than 2 tries to flank or close distance. Pistols/revolvers/MP 50% chance enemy engages at distances 2 - PChar, 50% chance tries to flank or close distance to 3 - PChar. It is hard to say until we se some more gameplay. From what little combat we could se from the trailer though, I thought the combat distances were entirely to short!
  22. From my perspective; impossible to say until we se a decent amount of gameplay. Depends a lot how advanced the game engine is and what features it uses. Lots of destructible objects etc.? Of course it will demand more out of the computer to run. No comfort for those who can not run it though. Personally I should be OK to run it, my processor is below recommended (i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz) but otherwise I am whit in recommended specs. You have my condolences. Yupp, painfully high! Even values of used products are insane. Kinda like an engine, better to have a weaker one that runs fine than a stronger one with bad performance.
  23. I am sorry for the late reply. I catched the flu last week and spent it recuperating ( I swear I only played a little bit of 1.13). Then I had to spend most time to catch up with work. Sadly, no one does that for me if I am absent. 😂 Not boring at all, I find it interesting how other countries has chosen to regulate guns for the civilian population. Overall, I do believe that guns needs to be registered and regulated. However; often I find the laws in place unnecessarily complicated and to different degrees inefficient. Nice! What model is that? I could definitely NOT get that on a hunting permit over here! 😂 Sure thing! From the top the Sauer 200 STR, at the bottom the Tikka LSA55. For the sake of size the inner length of the gun cache is 130cm. Then we have the Anchütz 1416, Star 12g and again for sake of size comparison the Ruger PCC.
  24. Canuck eh? Must say I love the Trailer Park Boys and Red Green's inventions are awesome! But god damn I hate your country when it comes to hockey! 😂 Congratulations to passing the test! I guess we have derailed this topic enough Godspeed, so I made a new one over in the Off Topic Section were we can discuss guns and whatnot. 🙂 Since this is a JA forum I guess there are more gun nuts lurking around.
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