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  1. Static, 1st merc with long rifle, but only 12 bullets. Scully - happy guy with a knife and ... M16! Kelly
  2. I can't play. My graphic card dead some months ago. 😶
  3. Enemies AI must be improved. Group attacks, sniper's ambush etc.
  4. I liked to put my team in the middle of village and start blood bath. But you are right, the game need more complicated AI.
  5. Please no tanks like in JA2. Transport only.
  6. Please pay attetion how beautiful, rich and colorful JA1 inventory and how ugly it in JA2
  7. People who played JA1 should remember its wonderful balance. You start only with pistols and there was a difficult way to get long barrel weapons. Shortage of place for good and ammo. Will be good to have that balance in JA3.
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