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  1. I had completely no idea, that they are on the stock market. That is explaining everything. Thanks for the info Hendrix! I am a regular investor on my domestic stock exchange and I know very well this common practice, that they have done here. Why I didn't notice that, no idea. Their behavior is not dictated by any fear of breaking the license or some rules or concern for players, but only and solely by controlling the price of their joint-stock company. As always only their money is counting, not shareholders or players, but unfortunately, this is the common standard of every joint-stock company. So the next news or update will be only then, when it will be the most favorable for them in terms of their stock company price.
  2. I really would like to have such optimism and faith in a near-lost case that you have, Wigen. Much appreciate for your updates searching and sharing them with others. I wish You the best! In my opinion they were forced to say something because of or thanks to this topic and each person who participated and showed dissatisfaction of current "silence" situation. I was trying to find in many ways how this sentence, which contains only 33 words or 183 characters with spaces, which take only one minute to write, brake some rules or licence, that they could not share this information with us. It would cut off any deliberations and speculations at once and waiting for this game would be only a pleasure. Sorry THQ, but I don't trust you anymore and this will not change.
  3. You are all so naive! Everyone here is trying to make excuses by force for them and their silence, still blindly hoping, that there will be something tomorrow - NO, THERE WON'T BE. There has been 7 months and there was literally not even one sentence from them, NOT EVEN ONE WORD ANYWHERE! There is absolutely no f*cking excuse for such behavior. We gave them our precious time and money by huge involving here and everywhere else, sometimes even begging for any news or updates and they just don't give a sh*t about this. And even after this, you are still trying to waste your time for them, by finding another way to contact them. They only want our money and I won't do such mistake for them. This whole campaign for JA3 is one big mistake. I regret so terribly that I let myself be persuaded to follow this campaign. Never again games from THQ.
  4. This is the standard for today. When a producer is abandoning the game, he doesn't inform anyone about it, he just leaves it like that and moves on to the next project and forums eventually get shut down due to the lack of hosting fees. Unfortunately, the vast majority of games end this way, only a few mostly large devs, decide to announce that they canceled the game.
  5. We probably live in different worlds, because I have a completely different opinion about the current gaming market. The vast majority of mod tools are made by fans by cracking game files, not by the producers of these games. Not in our times, because today the money is most important things and they have to match, nothing more. I remember my conversation with Devs, who created JA: Back in Action. They told me then, that they can't release tools, by which they made the game, even a stripped down version, because the licence forbid them. If some producers choose to release mod tools, they have to create new ones only for public release and that takes time, resources, and money. If they release mod tools, then we will be able to make some kind of free mods, updates or DLCs with varied stuff. But it doesn't make sense because Devs can do it too and sell it for real money. In my opinion you are way too optimistic for what this game will have.
  6. I'm starting thinking, that their vacation was so superb and awesome, that they decided to extend them until christmas🙂 I hope they come back sooner, because setting up this official forum without any response from the Devs is so pointless.
  7. Yes, it's true, but if on the Discord are people mainly responsible for PR, they are doing their job very inappropriately. If they are responsible for social media and the PR of JA3, then they should be largely familiar with this product, but instead of that, they write publicly, that they don't have the faintest idea about it. Unfortunately that affects the image of the entire project and the entire team, that is going to made JA3. I am also counting on information about a more specific direction of this game, from people who are closest to the production, because that would be the most reliable information.
  8. On the Discord, fans are trying to describe every aspect of the game, what they would or would not like. The FAQ section is established. There are people who have spent a lot of time with the game, who deeply understand it, know exactly what level of gameplay this game represents. They have the assurance that the majority is read and that the most important matters are passed on. Suddenly, one of the admins writes something like this: I still have the conviction that I must have misunderstood something, but this literally indicates, that the JA2 sequel is going to be made by people who have never played JA2 and even they don't know what version choose to play (JA2 or Wildfire or 1.13). Maybe these people do not play an important role in this entire production, but what is the point of talking to someone about JA2, who does not have the slightest idea about the JA2. But I still have hope I read something wrong.
  9. I am also counting on a good game, but also a constructive conversation with the game's developers. Just a simple example from the recently released Starship Troopers demo. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1202130/discussions/0/2954915322310080865/
  10. But they have to be really strategic and worth keeping and defending. Not like in JA2, where only the sam sites and the mines were worth it. There was a hospital in Cambria. There were people in cities, where we could fix miscellaneous things. There was a training base in Alma. The question is whether anyone has ever used their services, since everything was done by our mercenaries anyway. The balance here was not entirely correct. Tixa, Orta, the gas station, the sellers in Balime, the queen's prison, were just for getting the gear, and then we could forget about those sectors. The strategic sectors requires a lot more complexity in the game and we don't know what level of it are in the vision of this game by the Devs.
  11. For sure there are only three possibilities: 1 - 2022 2 - 2023 3 - abandoned I vote for the first one.
  12. Certainly not, because it is a licensed product which is part of JA2 and if you would like to use that music, you will have to buy the JA2. There will certainly be a new music for JA3 for sure and giving us the ability to switch between the old and the new, would be a very nice surprise, but at the same time it would have no business justification.
  13. There is a discussion on Steam too, I do not know how it is on Discord, but at the moment, there are literally a few of us here or there. Perhaps the reason is that the game has just been announced and there will be more and more people until the premiere. But right now we are such a small representation that as you said, it makes no sense to worry about us at all. We will see how things get going in the future when the Devs provide more info about the direction of the game. Of course in my opinion, it should be quite the opposite with Devs contribution to the fans or just people who wants to buy it, but the situation at the moment is what it is.
  14. As they say, hope is the last to die. So I wish you much luck in this case, because you will need it. I think that in every previous version, the Devs said or even promised that there will be modding tools for our community, including a map editor. We all know how it ended.
  15. In my opinion Devs will not contribute to the forum, perhaps only to provide information about some updates or progress with the game. I think they reading mostly everything for sure and maybe gathering the best ideas and solutions. It's their money, their licence, their game and they will create their own vision of this game. Every previous version: Back in Action, JA Online, Flashback and Rage ended the same way. No matter what and where we said or wrote, each of these games were made by Devs vision. The question is: It will be different this time? I do not think so. I remember what was happening on the forums when Ja Back in Action and JA Online were building. If Devs were not contributing on the forum at that time and wasting time to ansering mostly on every question and topic, then we would have many more additional features in these games.
  16. If there will be a questionnaire, then the list of skills hidden under each answer will quickly appear on the internet, as it has been so far. That way, no one will even read these questions and answers. It's just waste of time for producing such thing. It's just waste Even a small table with a selection of specific skills will be a much better choice.
  17. I disagree, because I really would like to play a game and have a fun with it, not a mercenary life simulator. That's why 1.13 is mostly for hardcore fans. What's the point of adding silencers to the game working like in real life, where they are not working as we all believe they should.
  18. I missed above all four things. - Many more attachments for every gun, especially silencers for assault rifles and sniper rifles. These max four attachment in original versions was very frustrating, that we could not add more. - Upgradeable base like in JA Online. - Vehicles with inventory, where we could put additional stuff. - And of course chance to hit.
  19. Too much I think that too many weapons is not so good for a great fun of the game. Additional number of guns should be added as a mod from community or DLC, as it has been so far. And yes, it is very hard to pick up only three favourite guns, but if I had to choose, it would be: - FN MINIMI from JA2 - BARRETT M82 from JA2 UB - H&K G36 from JA2 Wildfire
  20. There was no such things on the maps showed on the trailer. No birds, dogs or other animals. Honestly I really would like, that they focus on the much more important things, to give the game expected quality, than wasting time and money for animals. Animals yes, but only as a last part to be done. In JA Flashback, creators had low budget and time, but they focused on a part with animals and yes they implemented them, but then they run out of time and for example, they did not make attachment for the guns for the premiere.
  21. Of course You are not. There are plenty of people who rather like original JA2 then 1.13. But unfortunately we have only original versions to play, because there is no such modification like 1.13, but in the more light version. There was JA2 005, but it was abandoned, also JA2 1.14 was abandoned, there is Stracciatella but it is only a bugs, resolution and other minor things improvement. There was many attempts to create such project with all new features based as much as possible on classic vanilla engine, but each time they failed.
  22. In the original JA2, dropping items was based only on pure chance to drop, nothing more. No, because everything was based on the progress of the game. For example, if you have conquered three cities and completed several missions, the game has reached lets say, the fifth level of the progress of the game. Then the enemies could use fifth row weapons. Everything else, such as armor, ammunition, grenades, was more or less built on a similar solution.
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