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  1. So obviously asking for even a rough estimate of the games release date would be rather pointless now - but how about some info about the first developer diary entry? There is a 'DevDiary' section set up in this forum space for a reason, and I doubt this reason is for it to remain empty. So a rough estimation of when could we realistcally expect the first Dev Diary would be appreciated - in a week? A month? I would hope this very first DD to reveal some intel on the current state of the game (was the intro from a pre-alpha vertical slice or is the game further in development?) just to set our expectations about the release timeframe, perhaps alongside information about plans for the future: is some form of early access planned? How often are DDs planned to appear, what is their scope meant to be? Finally would love the learn about the overarching vision the devteam has for this project :]
  2. FN P90 out of nostalgia for Stargate SG-1 FN FAL feels like a classic that needs to be in, and it's not like it'd underperform H&K 417 just love how this baby looks n' sounds n' performs...
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