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  1. Yeap it is a very low budget indie game, could be even a simple mobile game lol but the fun is still there somehow. I played it from post to pillar at least 20 times now. Wish they gave a lil more effort, realistic environment design, more blood & gore and a bit better AI. Also the story is really poor, they could make it a bit more interesting with more named characters, bringing back Elliot was also a no brainer to me but anyway. I like those sadist black mercs though, they throw now and then some cool quotes.
  2. I guess most of you here dont like Jagged Alliance Rage as i also agree its far behind the real Jagged Alliance (especially part 2) but i still had mad fun playing it, the weapon variety is rich, we got few of our top mercs with a few cool quotes (Ivan & Fidel my favourites by far). As a Jagged Alliance hardcore fan its still a must play imo. I posted a walkthrough of JA Rage on YouTube. Posting here the final sector, the castle raid, hope you like it. Did a few mistakes but the legendary Ivan Dolvich saved the whole team once again. 😊 Part 1 (Outside The Castle) Part 2 (Inside The Castle)
  3. I can imagine for most of us Jagged Alliance lovers, a multiplayer mode is always on our minds. Can remember on JA2 there was a modded VS mode were we could battle with each other. Hopefully there will be a similar mode like that too, were each player can select some mercs like 3 VS 3 or 5 VS 5 as example then select a sector to battle with each other, this would create surely extra fun to us after finishing the game multiple times. Also see who owns the better tactical strategy. Just imagine a battle between mine and your mercs in 1 sector that last like for a hour. With lots of stealth action, flanking, taking cover etc... This would be simply legendary.
  4. Oh ok cool, thanks for the translation πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
  5. I would not say now that the JA1 inventory is better than JA2 and as Kordanor also mentioned it bright colours arent nice imo. This inventory is not bad either imo from Inna Woods ;
  6. The music (soundtrack) should be full of adrenalin but most times when i play i turn off the soundtrack anyway, instead i would like to hear the sound of the environment, more like realistic nature or animal sounds. Like as example when we are around the swamp area at the night we should be hearing a wonderful frog 🐸 orchestra. When we are in the forest, jungle area or ruins there should be owl sounds to creep up our skin even more, it would add us up much more excitement, then suddenly out of nowhere we get ambushed.
  7. Blood & some gore effects is totally a must on JA3. The topic of the game itself its about blood money, blood diamonds.πŸ©ΈπŸ’Ž But somehow i think it will be a lil more childish way (like on JA Rage with nearly none blood or gore effects), even on the trailer when our enemy got hit by Ivan, he says "that hurt" like a bee stung him lol, instead would like to hear more agony like sounds like aaarrggh, to express more realistic pain expression. There should be also some gore effects that appear rarely in the game so when it happens it can be something special to us. A fun gun battle without blood (the blood should be staying on the ground, water or when we make headshots splash some blood to the walls) & gore is somehow no brainer to me. Bodies should be also laying on the ground for days, when we comeback to the sector after few days the body should start to decompose and be surrounded with crows (since we are in Africa obviously with vultures).
  8. Yes i think it is. BTW can you or someone also tell what Ivan says in Russian when he uses the shotgun ? πŸ€”
  9. If the question for us to use the vehicles on combat (then i would say possibly no, why? It would spoil somehow the strategic battle) but to fight against vehicles in the game ? Absolutely %100 standing behind it, later on the game should be on some sectors like static (or slow moving) tanks (we had it already on JA2) or armored vehicles with turret (which would suit perfectly to African environment.) As how to counter those tanks or armored vehicles would be perfectly with RPG-7, Mortar or other armor penetrating weapons or bombs etc.... I just hope there will be lots of destructive objects in the game (it will create us lots of more realistic excitement), especially walls from heavy explosions such from bombs, rocket launchers or tank shots etc... Its simply a must !!!!
  10. Am waiting extremely excited for this moment over 20 years now.... Its simply like a dream comes true to me, thats why we the Jagged Alliance lovers have somehow big expectations about Jagged Alliance 3. Jagged Alliance 3 will not be a dream come true just for the Jagged Alliance 2 hardcore fans but the aim should be also to bring much more new players to this wonderful turn based strategic game. Once Jagged Alliance 3 will be a successful masterpiece, it will be just a matter of time for you guys to work on the sequel Jagged Alliance 4 (probably could take place on the 2010s or today 2020s as example.) Launching this game on console would be also play a very big factor for marketing, cause todays most players are on console (including myself). So we hope & pray, since we really hoping for the very best outcome from you guys. πŸ˜‡πŸ™
  11. God forbid. πŸ˜‡ When i said boring dont get me wrong didnt said bad or so but sometimes i got the feeling like he can take you to sleep but thats everyones own opinion, some like the more calm teller from A to Z with every single detail, some more the basics with more action & excitement which FPSRussia displays perfectly. Also DemolitionRanch & nutnfancy are very good gun presenting YouTuber. Furthermore the guns should also have health bars (condition meter) like back in JA2 but the guns should not get wrecked that quickly after 10 - 15 shots like in JA Rage. Guns getting jammed should be also happening once and while.
  12. This Gun Jesus guy "Forgotten Weapons" may shows off the best details of the weapons (also lots of odd weapons) in slow pace but it can be really boring at times, he can make you fall asleep. My favourite gunman on YouTube is "FPSRussia" he is explaining and practising the guns with real excitement, though he not posting on his successful YouTube channel anymore since 6 or 7 years but he is the most fun by far imo. Highly recommended for sure. Also "Kalashnikov Group" is a top notch gun channel on YouTube (showing off mostly just Russian weapons though.)
  13. Rage wasnt great but still a fun game imo with the lil missions you got there. The weapon variety is also very rich which i enjoyed most but surely it is nothing near to JA1 and far far away from JA2. Hopefully JA3 will be more like JA2 but may we just dreaming.... Freedom is surely a key point, but Rage was just a lil appetizer anyway. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΌ
  14. So true, hopefully they will bring it. In Jagged Alliance Rage when a merc talked (as they did gave a speech on each sector once they enter and once you would finish the mission) there came out a window were a 3D portrait appeared with moving mouth, if they can bring at least a stuff like that it will be surely very cool.
  15. I totally agree with you on JA1 & also with JA2. (Even The Commandos Remake on PS4 was imo a total disaster.) But Jagged Alliance Rage on PlayStation (4,5) felt super good and as you can see XCOM 2 was a real hit on consoles and pretty easy to handle with the controller and so will be JA3. And as i said JA3 would make lots of money once they release it also for consoles (especially for PlayStation & XBOX).
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