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Coop options - suggestions


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Hello everyone,

Firstly sorry that i am new on this forum but i am still quite veteran in terms of JA series and i am loving the coop in JA3. unfortunately in JA2 it was not much possible until 1.13 but it was still pretty buggy and in JA:deadly games which we played through LAN.

Anyway i would like to see in coop if multiple squads could be synchronized to send them to next sectors because i couldn´t find this option so that each player would have own squad under control. Maybe it has a reason behind it to not have so many player MERC in one map? Or maybe to have it limited only to sectors you control? 

Also not possible to fast forward by the host if other player is in inventory or notes, emails etc. is sometimes quite anoying and if this would be completely in hands of Host i don´t see much of a problem.

No option to see loadout of MERC in controls of other player.

Maybe some synchronized shot (2 max) option if you are not in turn-phase mod would be also awesome to see.


Anyway i love this game from the start and i am really excited when i know i will play this game. I am playing for commando difficulty with no savings during combat and most frustrating thing for me so far was the jail with the prison guards where they didnt want to come out unless are you close enough for them to cut your throat. They were quite annoying, difficult but also somewhat dumb if you know what i mean. You could throw at them explosive and they will not move anyway if you are far enough.

Still loving it though.

Kalyna is the goat, dumb goat maybe but still goat.

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