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Squad is stuck in transition


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Hi Guys.

Really great game! Jagged Allance is Back, I guess. 🙂

I encountered a problem though, more so because I have turned on Ironman Mode and only have got on save game.

My squad was in transition to the island (camp barrier) also a second squad was underway, which arrived first (only one merc) and I had to retreat.

They retreated both and are now stuck with: "squad is travelling".

I tried to regroup them, let the contract for that one merc expire and so on but it doesn't help, they are stuck and the game is basically over (unless I let all their contracts expire and hire new mercs I guess, but I would prefer not to).


Also check out this steam thread I have found, please:



Can you please fix this? Can I provide a save game or something for you to look into?


best regards

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