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Hoped game stopped crashing after the update.


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Hi all


Iff you follow the Steam discussions, there are a lot of topics regarding game crashes and saved game that won't load.
I'm one of "few" that experience a lot of issues. 

Only with JA3. And I can't get the puzzel together, why in the name of the lord this is happening to me. (i'm a real good chap)

I tryed everything you can find on the internet. All the basis steps a IT Troubleshooter would do (exept reinstall windows ;-))
But its starting to become hopeless.  

For the record, i played around 60 hour almost problem free. The issues started 2 weeks ago. Nothing changed on my computer.
I was around the section K9 when the game crashes (without any error message) and i was unable to load the last saved games.
With some luck, and older saved game, but after a few minutes the game crashed again. And so on, and so on.


I managed to find the JA3 log files. Where it says JA3 crashed. But there is nothing in the information that leads to the problem or solution.

So i was patiently waiting for the update.
But after installing it today, the problem returns after a minute or 10. 


I'm getting a bit desperate and no idea what to do next. Beside comming here and begging for help.

Hope someone has the golden egg


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