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JA3 SEVERE Constant crashing - No specific reason apparent gettting worse again as others reported


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Guys I have seen post about this from others and now its happening to me as well - A LOT

I am running a Nivida 4090 26gb, intel 13900KS, 128mb kinston fury mem.   - plenty of sepc - runs all new games on max with no problems 

- game started crashing a lot - always on combat and now only after a turn or two - usually end of turn but can be immediate - sound starts to stutter, then soft crash .  when try to do a in game bug report that hard crashes enitire computer for a hard restart.

I have reinstalled drivers, games, steam , cleared cache , changed specs all that lot and it just gets worse - seems to have gotten really bad with new hotfixs and update nivida driver today. Got to unusable when reached " the good place" fort to now cant use game 


I have seen others reporting very similar experience but nothing from developers that they are aware or even working on this in foreums over individual fixes they are doing.  Can devlopers acknowledge this on steam community or somewhere they they are aware as others are having same and getting frustrated as well.  as explained by others it happens a lot , then goes away randemly for a combat or two and then seems to just happen again for awhile and now reached peak point of just not working - 100 hours in and almost on every turn in combat mode

I know developers have addresed some specific crashes in latestes hotfix but have not seen dialogue on  this overall unstable performance with what seems to be hi end computers and or newer nivida cards ?


hopefully somebody is working on it and aware - game seems like a winner but unfortunately this is so frustrating i am ready to throw out the window




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