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Hello Community!

Patch 1.10

I play with mods... i am poor in this game so i rent the cheapest Mercs i can get...

so t have many Addons...

With Patch 1.10 all mercs doesnot work anymore? Why do you have killed all Aim Mods?

Okay 50% have been updated now!


Patch 1.11

Since patch 1.11 i think only 3 enemys of every Enemy Teams will drop anything, so i have got an Ammo problem.

Now i am killing all enemy ony with Knifes... (will i ever get a Maschinegun beside the one from the Start Isle)?


Armory Delivery Temas are genial!

But why they can drop a Case where a Weapon is inside and never the right Ammo for these Weapons? F A I L


Question how to get a Thomsen (New Weapon for tring Mods)


Male Mods

i am trying to make a Team mod, but only Womans function

all mans are invisible where is the Error???

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