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Suggestion on burst fire damage and accuracy


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That was what I was hoping for. Haemimont said in a developer thread and before the game's release, that they chose the damage reduction on burst and full auto, to compensate for you being able to run up to an enemy and let them have it at close range. Or, to compensate for the AI doing similar.

The problem is, the AI can be stupidly accurate, even through weather conditions and night. It even applies to weapons that should not be accurate in full auto, like the AK-47, M14 and FN FAL.

Recoil needs to be higher for larger calibre weapons. Anything from 7.62mm onwards, whether that is the Russian 7.62x39mm or the NATO 7.62x51mm. This should apply to everyone, your mercs and the AI. Additionally, the AI needs lower accuracy when firing burst and especially when firing full auto for any capable weapon. The Legion should definitely receive an accuracy reduction. They are militia and not highly trained.

To also help the situation, the AI needs to have to reload their weapons and even run out of ammo (maybe switching to another weapon like a pistol, or fleeing the fight). They shouldn't be allowed to just happily fire off entire magazines every time. Worst of all are those RPGs that they can fire as much as they like.

Next, would be to enable the AI to choose to leave some Action Points left over for an Interrupt, to remain in cover more, or to have team mates cover them. That would prevent your mercs from being able to run up and shoot full auto into an enemy.

With those things in place, damage reduction on burst and full auto could be removed. Each bullet should be as deadly as the last.

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