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As a humble iron fan of the Jagged Alliance series, I would like to make some little suggestions for the coming new game.


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Our players have been excited about the 3D version of the Jagged Alliance series over and over, but were disappointed again and again after the game was released, until we got numb. The most important reason is that the new 3D version of the Jagged Alliance has not reached the minimum acceptable level for players. So I would like to put forward some of my personal opinions here. I would like to try my best to meet the opinions of the majority of players. I hope that this 3D version game will last forever and be praised by future generations of players. Like Jagged Alliance 2, it has even been developed by many modders with various mods which revitalize the original game.

1. The 3D movable mercenary avatar in the tactics UI window.

According to the latest promotional video, I saw that the avatar of the mercenary is static and immovable in the AIM mercenary UI window and the mercenary avatar tactics UI window in the game. Compared with Jagged Aliiance and Jagged Alliance 2, although it is a 2D avatar, it is completely movable. Even in the Jagged Alliance : Back in Action, the mercenary's portrait is also fully 3D movable. We have seen the seal painting of the Jagged Alliance 3, and can feel that it has a clear tribute to the first generation of the Jagged Alliance, so I hope that details such as the avatar can be completely 3D and movable.

2, The function of synthesize items.

The function that is talked about among players, none other than synthesize items, so I hope that this time the 3D version will fully consider the player's preference for this feature.

3. Friendly to mod makers.

Jagged Alliance 2 can endure for a long time, the most important thing is that it can be modded.

4. Sandboxing features.

This is the feature I hope that the new game can obtain after my careful consideration. Due to the 3Dization of the game, the cost will increase. You can consider adding side missions. Such like, after the main mission is over, the game does not end, and players can freely explore the world of Jagged Alliance 3. This It is a feature that Jagged Alliance 2 does not have. The production cost of Jagged Alliance 3 will not be low. Therefore, even if you fully consider the demands of players, I believe that it will not fast for you to release the game source code to modders in a very short time. So the game could be added sandboxing features, some side stories/tasks that can be repeatedly experienced. You could increase season tickets, adds new chapters, and even new maps, etc. This seems to be a way to make the game a sublimation compared to Jagged Alliance 2. Strongly suggestion.

For example,

(1) A specific small mark on the map added to the game. Players reaching this mark can trigger a side story that can be played repeatedly;

(2) Strengthen the trade function to meet the needs of some players who are willing to make money in business;

(3) The map of each area can be spliced map fragments similar to Jagged Alliance 2, or a complete map, and new maps can be produced/opened in post-production, such as new cities/islands on the border, etc...

The above is what I can think of at present. I hope the new features of the game. I strongly hope that the game will sell well and become another legend in the player group after Jagged Alliance 2!

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