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Landsbach mine - fight immediately triggered

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Hi, this is my second play through. When I am entering the area of Landsbach mine the fight with Siegfrieds troops is immediately triggered when I enter the tactical view. During the first play through I could talk to Siegfried etc. Now I could not. Has anyone an idea why this is the case? I think one difference is, that in the current play though I already defeated Colonel Faucheux which I think was not the case in the first play through.


Any ideas why the fight with Siegfrieds troops is immediately triggered? I did not do anything in Landsbach itself before - just went directly to the mines area.



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I did a reload of an old save game where Faucheux is still alive and the underground is not cleaned from enemies. If I am going to Landsbach mine then Siegfrieds army doesn't attack me immediately. So I suppose it is related to cleaning the underground or killing Faucheux.

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