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While you are waiting for JA3 - watch some death, destruction and violence!@!


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Hello all;


In case you wanted some entertainment while you wait for JA3, I am live streaming a JA2 challenge. Here are the rules:


Expert, Realistic, Tons of Guns.

No exploits, cheats, Mods.

I CANNOT load a saved game unless a crash, bug,(locks up) or it is the start of my gaming session for the day.

Every sector must be visited and fully won/explored.

Every second of game play must be live streamed – starts before game is launched, ended after game is closed.


After I complete this, the same must be done for Wildfire.(which I feel is “probably” impossible) Four viewers also stated it is impossible for WF.


As of this post I am nearing Tixa and have lost seven mercs already: my IMP character, Ira, Dimitri, Bull, Wolf, Thor, MD. I feel I can probably finish the challenge in JA2. However I feel most will agree I will get “violated” in WF. Anyway my pain is your entertainment! The challenge was given to me before I was aware of this website which is why I am already about 70% through it.(Before WF) With the tanks and black shirts in Meduna, the hard part is yet to come.


P.S. Being a military veteran(Army 19kilo) the channel is for adults only.(limited vocabulary with “colorful” language) Live streamed on twitch, with my name Mongooser. Keep your powder dry and your panties clean!


P.P.S. I don't want to mislead you into thinking I am a noob, steam says I have over 1000 hours, just in JA2 and WF, that is not counting others like Back in Action and other games like it. However we all know that even with full spectra, with compound 18 and plates, laws and mortars still hurt. Squad members ARE gonna die...





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