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Easter Eggs and Dark Humor


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What are some of your favorite Easter Eggs from JA2? Also the small details that really brought the shine out for the game?

There are some that everyone knows. Getting the key for the Shady Lady upon entering a room you get horny noises and a smiley face. Replacing Pablo at the Drassen airport makes your gun shipments less likely to grow legs. Sending flowers to Deidranna gives you that little scene with Elliot.

But some of my lesser well known favorites are:

If you give Skipper anything in the junkyard he gives you a keycard to the Orta facility.

If you have Buzz in your squad and you kill Doreen she says one of the funniest lines in the game. I'm paraprhasing but she basically says the only reason Doreen was so bitter was because Lynx fucked her. Or something to that effect.

You can shake down the rich couple in Balime for cash.

If you are attacked by bloodcats hide in water they won't attack you there.

If you sell Flo to the Hillbillies Speck has a hilarious reply.

When you are going to hire Fox wait about a minute. She then says "You're not wearing pants are you?" before she hangs up. Additionally if you do these with some Mercs they will either raise or lower their price depending on their experience.

So what are some of your favorites.

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I think I play too much, the only one I didn't know is the last one. I can't think of any others off the top of my head, other than giving booze to Father Walker to make him more chatty.

I'm glad JA2 did a great job of keeping most pop culture stuff out, unlike Fallout 2... I love that game, but hate most of the easter egg stuff. I remember once trying to make a mod that removed all the pop references and fourth wall breaking stuff, but I ended up giving up because there's just too much!

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