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Hey all. Im a long time JA fan, Ive playing it since JA 1 was released. JA 2 is still my favorite game

Like all of us Ive been waiting for a proper, worthy, sequel all these years. And for all Ive seen, maybe this is finally the one

Unfortunately for me, it seems it will be windows only, and I dropped windows like a decade ago. It doenst looks like a linux port is planned and I guess it would be a lot of extra work

But could you, instead, just make sure it works in Steam Deck/Proton. Proton matured a lot and seems to handle most windows games lately. Im  no pro, but it seems is not hard to make a windows game 100% compatible, Steam has a nice guide for it too (https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/steamdeck/recommendations). Anyway its surely a lot less work than a linux port and it works the same for us linux steam users.


I know linux gamers are still a small minority, but we are here and if the game works in proton, I suppose you can get it to a good amount of  people for not so much extra work


Thank you


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I'm on Linux as well as I dropped windows a few years ago. I wouldn't be to concerned with getting it to run on proton or lutris. I'm able to play plenty of games on my setup and not need a work around.

 Given that JA3 looks like a DX12 game running an older engine we should be fine.

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