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  1. Hopefully there's one mod that balances out the game kind of a combination of all those mods but maybe with settings to change how much you'd like I would have thought that would be part of the game itself.
  2. 4 runs now all resulting in a squad wipe because my mercs cant hit the broadside of a barn from 5 feet away, and yet the enemies can hit me from 30 feet away while my merc is behind full cover (not half shield, full shield) Some of you will say "just get closer the starting guns are inaccurate", but in most of these ridiculously missed shots my character is like 4-6 movement grids away from the enemy Not to mention the enemies just feel so bullet spongey, there was a group of goons that I threw 3 grenades at until they died (one I had to finish off with a shot).... what kind of normal human takes 3 grenades 2 feet away from them? Last major issue, it seems like enemy AI does not really work on action points or if they do, they have like 23AP each. Because they can run 15 feet, jump over a fence, and then still shoot you ACCURATELY 2 times... The general concept of the game is so cool. I've waited so long for a turn based strategy game that is not based in fantasy or aliens but in actual real modern combat/warfare. Maybe I'll come back to the game if the modding scene picks up and someone balances the game around a bit more. rant over, tell me to gitgud as most of these niche game communities usually do to any outside opinion
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