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  1. The provisional government of Grand Chien announces that there are no war criminals originating from Arulco or elsewhere. Such rumors are unfounded, exaggerated and absolutely not true. There isn't anyone in our archives with first or last name "Elliot". As for the merc conversations - yes, we've got some!
  2. I'm not sure I'm at liberty to share production details, but I'd say that the Pareto principle applies here 😄 As for the number of quests, the question is what qualifies as one? There are dozens of stories in the game that can be perceived as a quest, and multiple one-off unique interactions or just outcomes across the game world. Some stories have multiple outcomes, others are just something to discover. Some are important for the future of the mercs and the fate of Grand Chien, others will just serve as means to an end - granting Loyalty, money, resources, XP, unique items, and sometimes, a game experience that makes you smile or contemplate. From what I've seen as feedback so far, it seems that people are happy with the content density. Moreover, they tend to discover cute little things even in their third playthrough, and they're excited about that (even the "evil people"!).
  3. Thank you for the kind words ♥ Nope. It's better - they come in addition to any militia you would train there. But there's catch 😉 As for the civilians' attitude towards the player - that is indeed an interesting topic, but it may be more fit for a Dev stream. All I can say in short is - it's not simple and straightforward. After all, initially you're just another bunch of people with guns. When you do things, news goes around, but that doesn't mean the locals know or care about all the facts 🙂
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