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  1. Only tactical level.It is an AI combat logic enhancement mod mainly. Ultimate challenging enemies, featuring higher levels, tactical stealth ops, various ambush overwatch, flanking feint attack, encirclement & annihilation, are armed to the teeth with all kinds of meta builds and fully modified armaments. (From steam workshop page intro)
  2. Highly recommended,especially for players who think the original game is too easy and desire for more tactical gameplay. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3042581131
  3. This mod has been released on the steam workshop, "The Grand Chien Nightmare" Suggest using Mod list https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3042855818
  4. A very Hardcore Ai-Enhance mod by mariOlof Team is coming. Hope you can be satisfied.
  5. If RPG7 can only be used to attack humans or walls, it would be a pity.
  6. I guess the last dev-diary is about enemy force ? I am looking forward to seeing enemy tanks or armored vehicles.
  7. I guess the last dev-diary is about enemy force ? I am looking forward to seeing enemy tanks or armored vehicles.
  8. More than two months have passed,if they haven't fixed it, how lazy they are. And there is a "sent enemy into air by shotgun" animation, which may be convenient for mod developers.
  9. In DevDiary 12 they said "If you equip night vision goggles, you may gain the upper hand at night, but is it worth it to give up the opportunity to protect your merc with a heavy helmet?". But even in JA1 mercs can wear three things on head ! 🙃 The solution is to turn the helmet and eye equipment into combinable items.(MOD) 😎
  10. Much more closer to the JA2 Vanilla.😄
  11. Compared to the closed beta, they have a lot more action points now.
  12. Yes, I made a wrong typing. In our country's translation, the word 'dragon' comes first. Weapon parameter balance is even more outrageous than original JA2,but better than Wasteland2.😂
  13. 21 VS 42 ? This is not Dragon and Dungeon !
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