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  1. This photo and the African scene of the game reminds me Rhodesian army :). Love that I think i woul’d love to se a JA2 remake made with modern game engines and all the shader posibilities we have now, even in 2D. But i think maybe will loose his soul:) … but i would try for sure.
  2. I’m afraid i do not agree. It can’t be called mil-sim, ( i don’t know if someone has tagged the game like that) but back then there was no other game with that satisfying deep tactic shooting, ammo customization and so on. anyways it is normal people to fantasize with what they like the most right? No need to snort when laugh 😉
  3. We all can have different views, of corse. I personally have all JA games liked or not. Besides the portraits thing, which in my case doesn’t borders me at all, those small details are what engaged me the most back then. Sure this will be a good game based on what i’ve seen, but none off the others achieved that for me. Maybe this will do, i hope so, but as soon as it left the previous path, i would not call it jagged alliance. Again , i hope this time it changes. Personally i don’t liked JA for the story, was for those details that i remember enjoying hours and hours. Lets keep the faith!
  4. Difference between JA1 and 2 was improvement over the previous. Graphics and more deep and realistic gameplay. It is not needed to modernize the aim system, path system and all that. Even the ui developers said they wanted to keep the feel but doing their way. Result, flat ui design with basic colors. Too easy guys! All modern day games have the same ui style. Maybe JA2 was so deep in many ways that we’re trying to replicate something with not enough knowledge or ideas to do so. I’m not saying they are not capable of create great games, but the fact is that all previous tries were so basic and barely scratched the surface of JA2. in any case i’m glad to see some stuff that do match the spirit. aiming cats merc creation ”tons of guns”( i’ve heard that but not sure) better than nothing, but i already don't like the cartoon style and the masked enemies. Put normal people to fight. In African conflicts i’ve never seen a ritual mask in combat. They should be the first to die, right? This takes you out from the realism. And even with the jokes, glorious speeches of characters in JA2 looks like they try to keep that, but the dialogue portraits when talking with the locals that all seems to be disguised for some performance. There are normal people there too you know? i don’t know, we could be talking about the past forever, but it looks like old stuff don’t sell.
  5. Too cartoonish for me. Also i hope it has the glorious gore we has in JA2. Is like developers are obsessed on give more toon feel and remove the little details that made grate the game. Crows over corpses, heads blowing up, the great animation of been perforated with long burst at short range. Shotgun flying people away. The animations and trail of blood of wounded people…. There is so much i’m afraid we have already lost here. The first minutes of video gameplay i was thinking on another xcom style. Thankfully not all, but can’t compare the red soldier taking the radio to call reinforcements to the area when spotted, with the camera focus and the enemies taking cover like XCOM 2. Is a bit annoying to see all tries to fall in what is already in the market and use the name and some stuff to make it look like JA game. Said that, i’ll purchase it(in fact i’ve already pre-purchased it) and time will see. I only hope bobby rae’s shop is still a thing. i give 4.5/5 just to keep my hope up. just make a JA2 with modern tech!!!!!
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