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Who is this guy ? Main Villain or Merc ?


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1 hour ago, Solaris_Wave said:

I have been checking out the screenshots as best as I can, as they aren't too clear in terms of resolution. It is all looking very nice so far, however.

There was talk in The Portraits thread about whether your mercs will wear different outfits or camo. It is hard to say, even from these screenshots but I am guessing that looking at Ivan with his blue shirt and Smiley, who looks like he just came from a country club before tooling up, their outfits might remain the same throughout the game, purely as a means of identification and individuality. Then again, there may be change or alternatively, character model presets to choose from. Ivan's icon shows him wearing a ushanka, whereas his 3D model shows his wearing a blue beret.

The 1 with the blue beret is Igor Dolvich.

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