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JA CENTER valid comments were made


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JA CENTER valid comments were made:

in some moments poor optimization, sometimes it can lag, especially with zooms,
the graphic design is standard, it does not delight the eye,
no chance to hit in the official version, even as a choice,
no all JA JA2 JA2.5 mercenaries,
the faces of some of our heroes are quite different from the original,
the characters always have one outfit, you can't see any changes when we mix their wardrobe,
mercenaries always follow a marked path, even if there is a visible mine on it,
Shadow is not wearing such a strong and distinctive camouflage as in JA2,
stealth mode not working properly, enemies will see you anyway,
not very intuitive interface,
no possibility to change the camera angle while zooming,
inability to switch to turn-based mode at any time when the enemy is in the sector,
the ability to turn a mercenary standing still has not been implemented during combat,
the game does not have simple mechanics, it is a bit complicated because the dependency system is large and you have to learn it and spend a good few hours on it,
small maps,
no minimap.
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