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  1. Yes, absolutely agree, the weather in JA3 is unecessary problem only slowing down gameplay graphics.
  2. Shortly - is JA3 soundtrack really worth buying separately.
  3. otherwise - what works really properly after patch and is verified.
  4. OK understand gama balance - but it can be done reasonably like in JA2 (especially Night Operations hotkey) and JA1.
  5. ok any big dlc is planned for JA3 - any info please.
  6. but necessary of active pause mod is senseless - why not as standard simple option or hotkey.
  7. in new patch: Performance- Improved VRAM management to address various performance issues.
  8. why is so expensive as new character - maybe after solid dexterity training more useful.
  9. "Suggestion: Mercs should complain when they are dissatisfied. The complaint would then be noted somehere in the Merc info screen with some kind of "quest" you need to fulfill to get them satisfied again." Very interesting idea. Maybe is any mod available.
  10. "introducing new bugs for me" - what is sense of this type of "patch"
  11. yes, better AI was in JA2 - what is your opinion
  12. maybe new patch helps with this bug
  13. pretty useless patch with minor changes what do you think
  14. hands down imho... next "useless" patch...
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