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  1. I'm on my 4th or 5th playthrough, and still haven't figured out if there is any questline or any reason for some named characters: - Sonja Rogue - The other named lady in Fosse Noire - Hans (F20 If I recall correctly) - Butcher whoever (in the outpost with Hyenas, can't remember his name) - hostile So, am I missing some quests? Or are these just some nods / references I just didn't catch?
  2. I was about to say that: in h-th it's DEFINTIELY easie r to hit someone prone when you're standing up. No debate here 🙂 I would like to see the enemies care about their life though. Like if they're severly wounder or almost dead, I'd assuem they'd at least spend one round to fall back, find some cover, maybe reach a medic. Instead they barge all-in, just to meet my overwatch. This is absolutely stupid and sort of boring.
  3. O-M-F-G... took me a while 😄
  4. you don't have the cure in the inventory, you haev extra sample(s) (you need 4, probably grabbed 5 or 6) and no, there is no way as far as I know
  5. I have no issues with inaccuracies or simplifications. I can even live with Dragunov having a burst mode (it's kind of silly when my psycho IMP shoots a burst instead of a single headshot 🙂 ) However unnecessary mess (inconsistent naming) doesnt' serve any purpose in the game.
  6. I am familiar with what WP stands for (I live in Warsaw 😉 ), and that's just a piece of history. I'd live with a consistent 7.62 WP / NATO marking. Now I need to do the brainwork and on each weapon I need to double-think to recall that x39 is the WP and x51 is NATO, and that SVD is chambered the same as AK, and that WWII Gewehr uses NATO standard... which doesn't make any sense 😄
  7. Why on earth did you devs decide to make two confusing ammo types (7.62 NATO and WP)? And WTF is with calling them NATO or WP in the inventory, but 51 / 39 mm in weapon description? Is consistency really such a friggin challenge? Also: if you wanted to make a differentaition, it really wouldn't hurt to call 7.62 NATO just .308 Winchester. It's not like the in-game calibers are historically acurate anyway, so why cause the unnecessary confusion?
  8. How come that smart (Wisdom 90+) mercs, who go SCOUTING (not fighting), end up mauled by animals or in shootouts with an enemy, and in 3/4 cases end up wounded? This is so annoying: 3hrs of scouting, 13hrs of healing... The Wisdom stat is surely not showing how wise the mercs are...
  9. Is there a plan to fix teleporting enemies? (enemies not in sight teleport instead of actually going along the path, so they ignore aoe like gas and fire)
  10. If a car explodes from a single bullet... Also - ok frag grenades don't throw people into the air, but I highly doubt you'd just stand straight after one explodes next to you. Not to mention HE rockets (RPGs)...
  11. I was just wondering what happens if I don't re-visit the camp 🙂
  12. Check the twitch stream for details, but basically: copy the folders from: <your-SteamLibrary-dirctory>\steamapps\common\Jagged Alliance 3\ModTools\Samples\Mods to: <your-user>\AppData\Roaming\Jagged Alliance 3\Mods (create the Mods directory as it won't exist)
  13. reg. 25 (sort of 25.1): The enemies are able to 'teleport' when not in your LoS, so they WILL go through any AoE and not suffer the consequences (if you have Livewire and Intel you can clearly see them teleporting instead of moving along the path). 33. None of the explosives cause knock-down - all characters are basically Terminators. (Even the flashbang that has explcit mention of knock-down in the description doesn't work).
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