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  1. Twitter also seems to be a bad source for updates. When you go to their twitter profile the announcement post I linked above does not show up in their timeline. The latest tweet shown is from July 28th. https://twitter.com/HaemimontGames
  2. Weird that I found out about it on reddit while this site here shows no upcoming events but good news regardless. https://twitter.com/HaemimontGames/status/1693592379255591060 https://www.reddit.com/r/JaggedAlliance3/comments/15x5hcm/developer_stream_today_1700_cest/
  3. Weird. Can you give some more details how K16 played out? Did you arrive through the tunnel? Was he in his usual spot in the office? Did you get spotted before attacking him? And what did you mean by him recovering? Did he die and come back to life or did he not take damage? Normally getting spotted or attacking him should play some short dialogue and start combat.
  4. Not sure if your game bugged out or what exactly happened in your playthrough (You talk about attacking him in his camp, do you mean the K16 Fort?) but you definitely do not have to do the Major before you can kill the Colonel.
  5. Spreadsheet with merc and item stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14JcHKZscRWZ5onz2O_4hWE-K-_tHFPYtig4ppovH2n0
  6. I believe he always walks away here. Mild Spoiler: you will meet him again after the camp and this might be the thing you are referring to. In the second encounter it is beneficial to not get spotted and take him out quickly. Bigger Spoiler: There are a lot of ways to gain influence with the Major, for example: how much territory you have (cities, outposts), how long you took, outcomes of certain quests, conversation options you pick with the Major.
  7. Now that you have summarized it like this the spam seems more or less on point in terms of the JA3 game world. We've got spam, love stories, $$$, trustworthy doctors and hermits doing all sorts of fun stuff.
  8. Yeah, it is pretty evident that manual intervention alone will not solve this.
  9. Yes, please find an effective spam filter and maybe a simple workaround in the meantime. A new account creating 10 posts within an hour or so should just be an auto delete.
  10. The only check when the achievement is granted is completion of the Betrayal quest which seems to complete unconditionally after the game flips the world and does some housekeeping (failing/removing some side quests). This quest is also the only place where the achievement is referenced. The whole evidence thing is a different quest that is active long after the Betrayal quest completes, spans multiple locations across the entire map and affects whether you can clear A.I.M. from the accusations. Completion rates can be misleading. Take the Tactician achievement, controlling 50 sectors. By the time the world flip happens most players will have gotten this (unless you do Time is Money, Lone Wolf) yet Steam shows only 35% compared to the 25% for Saw it coming. Another example: In Ori and the Will of Wisps (over 2 years old, very popular) 40% never got the achievement for making it to a central early game area. Makes sense, either I am missing something obvious or it is bugged. If any of you are curious about poking around in the game files for yourself: Use https://github.com/nickelc/hpk to extract the hpk archives (Data & Lua mostly). Some of the lua files are in a binary intermediary format for which you need https://github.com/HansWessels/unluac. There is a mod on nexus with all the necessary tools: https://www.nexusmods.com/jaggedalliance3/mods/38?tab=posts where you basically just run the .bat file (if you get an error you might have download the .NET 6.0 runtime https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/6.0) Two relevant files are Data\Achievement.lua (search for "SawItComing") and Data\QuestsDef\04_Betrayal.lua (search for "TCE_ResolveQuest" and work your way backwards). It is all very declarative and fairly straight forward, but having a decent text editor with syntax highlighting and code folding (sublime, notepad++, ...) will make navigation easier.
  11. You have the high ground, a decent amount of cover. I positioned most of my mercs next to the various enemies where you talk to the Colonel and one by the tents in front of the high ground. You start the fight right next to the enemies so you can get some extra shots/overwatches in from spending less AP on aiming. Bring grenades or maybe an MG. This fight is all about relieving the initial pressure as fast as possible so you can get some breathing room before the bombardment starts.
  12. SPOILERS AHEAD: I don't think this is a conditional achievement, it just unlocks as you progress the story. The notes linked in the previous response are from the Defeat the Legion quest and describe what triggers the call to get to the refugee camp. This quest is called Betrayal and upon completion it gives the Saw it Coming achievement. I don't have a super detailed understanding of the quest system internals but as far as I can tell the Betrayal quest always completes successfully after the world flip. So whether you go to the camp and do the big battle or whether you skipped the fight by moving close to the Majors camp: after the enemy army squads wreck all your shit and you get the 3 quests to defeat the Major, Colonel and Corazon you should also have gotten the achievement.
  13. Quests in this game can have a lot of different outcomes (including effects on your mercs) and your description is super vague. In this case the Hermit quest is also connected to the Butler quest. You'll have a better chance to get useful answers if you describe what you did and maybe show what the relevant quest logs say. In their last dev stream they said the next patch will come mid august, which will be the third patch within a month of the initial release. So can we stop with the drama pretending like JA3 is abandonware?
  14. Oh and can this please be the one thread where to don't compare JA3 to JA2 or have marcinl0 complain that the devs STILL have not fixed his personal wishlist. Thanks.
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