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  1. Well you can already shoot communists in the base game if that is all you want. I would like them to expand gran chien in the dlcs and not go somewhere else.
  2. Ivan's ability should be "once per turn". It is an easy fix and would stop all the gamebreaking and unrealistic shenanigans. Would still be one of the better abilities.
  3. Hi, could you provide some more information. Like where exactly is that line of code to be found? Maybe one could mod it so we could use the modding editor on the steamdeck.
  4. Awesome update I am looking forward to this. One question I would like to ask is if there is any hope to get steamdeck support for the modding tools. This is bugging me a lot because of my desire to mod more and the unfortunate lack of communication by the devs for their reasoning in that matter.
  5. Does anybody know which steam user published the mod that let you unlock the modding tools bevor patch 1.1 ? I would like to ask if that mod could be brought back so steamdeck useres could use it to access the modding tool.
  6. I guess you already tried: - Verifying the game data. - Deactivating all mods.
  7. If you could mod the game so that you get components back when you replace an attachment you could use specific components for the attachments. You could then rebuild the JA2 system. I like JA3 but I think the developers did create some problems. In JA2 I could have all the ammo you can imagine lying around in Drassen and still could have intense situations where on merc throwes a clip to another to keep his gun shooting.
  8. Yes I really would like some more realism regarding the calibers. I do not understand why they felt the need to simplify it the way they did. If it was ok for JA2 players it should be ok for JA3 players too.
  9. @Haemimont_Pavel I have to apologize if I appeard to be rude. It was never my intention to attack any individual. I tried to make a joke about my disappointment that Steamdeck users are excluded from the modding tools for some reason I do not understand. That said I have to point out, with all respect, that I am rather upset. Not only am I unable to use a feature I would like to use, a feature I feel somewhat entitled to as I payed for the game as anybody else did. But also I wasted hours of my life troubleshooting this issue which was, if I understand it correctly, deliberately implemented into the game by the developers. I would really like to understand the reasoning behind this decision as it completely escapes my mind at the moment.
  10. I think a weapons DLC could also be a Bobby Rays DLC. So there would actually be room for things like the FN2000 imho. We do not need a DLC to get 15 AK variants. I would like to see the SKS though.
  11. I like the HK21 and the Minimi. The HK is the stronger rifle but the Minimi has the widest cone and is not cumbersome.
  12. Is there a way to activate the editor on the steamdeck? Like a launch option for example?
  13. Nice topic. I would love to see the As Val and the Vss Vintorez. In ja2 1.13 I had a night ops Squad armed with these. I had to pay a lot Bobby Rays bills to get the ammo, but damm... They ruled the night! Aside from that nostalgia if they should bring a DLC dedicated to weapons I would like them to focus on weapons that demand new mechanics or animations. Flamethrower, Katana, under barrel shotgun.
  14. Yes it's on the steamdeck. So you add code to disable the mod Editor on the steamdeck? Why did you do that? Do you hate me?
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