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  1. 40. UI blocking other UI. Has been an issue since 1.0 but seems to have gotten worse with recent updates. Aim info pane should never hide firing mode and body part buttons.
  2. I have only played for about 45 minutes, and mostly to see if I would notice any differences. Overwatch felt a bit more powerful than it used to, but to be fair there's always an element of luck with Overwatch shots - after 4-5 battles it's hard to say if it was really because of the patch. Time will tell. There are still some known bugs that I had hoped would be fixed by now, and I have already found some new ones (nothing major). On the bright side, they did fix some bugs that affected me personally. For example, 1.1 broke one of my saves by making mercs invisible and enemies immobile, and these issues no longer occur with the existing save.
  3. Something is still broken. On the Activity page (https://community.jaggedalliance.com/discover/) and your profile page, there are spam images below your text: Another issue is that I cannot open these topics: Even though the content is there and can be previewed by hovering the mouse pointer over the topic title: But then clicking on it gives this error:
  4. D13

    The Spam issue

    There's an issue with some topics that cannot be accessed. I think it started with the most recent spam wave: https://community.jaggedalliance.com/forums/topic/5616-old-pals/ https://community.jaggedalliance.com/forums/topic/5653-suggestion-on-burst-fire-damage-and-accuracy/ https://community.jaggedalliance.com/forums/topic/5704-jagged-alliance-3-is-to-easy-even-in-hardest-settings-to-much-overpowers-for-human-player/ "Sorry! There are no posts to show"
  5. @Solaris_Wave Yes, it already has Xbox and Playstation entries, and there's this "Console Announcement Trailer":
  6. If you mean this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3006328940 then that's https://steamcommunity.com/id/FailChapi
  7. Still 1.1.1. I have read somewhere that they're planning one patch per month for the foreseeable future. I think the Steam page is the best place to check for updates: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1084160 That, and the Discord "Announcements" channel for occasional Twitch stream announcements. There was one a few days ago but mostly about controller support and getting JA3 on gaming consoles.
  8. Activity across all community platforms has seen a noticeable decline as of late. If that continues, together with the spam issue, I fear the cost/benefit ratio could reach a point where they may have to shut the forum entirely.
  9. For the most part, including its trigger and tactical purpose, I think so as well. But there are some subtle differences, such as increased accuracy, and the AP cost to end setup and become mobile again. (There is also the convenience of not having to draw the cone afresh every turn, which is something I would like to see for regular Overwatch.) I don't know how much of a difference the accuracy penalty makes, but Grizzly has an MG specific talent, and in its description it sounds quite severe:
  10. I too take issue with these events, even though I think they're not badly designed if considered individually, but that they clash with the overarching JA3 narration style. I make that distinction because with the proper setup, they can all be beaten, and even on the first try. But if you don't know when they're going to occur, you have to approach every conversation, every sector, and every step inside a sector with a tactical formation, with every merc positioned in tactically advantageous locations, always ready for battle as if entering a hostile sector. Which would be fine in a game that greatly values realism - after all, in JA3's setting, extreme caution at all times would be quite appropriate. But JA3 is not that type of game, and prior to the first scripted attack event, it teaches the player that it wants to be light-hearted and forgiving, not ultra realistic.
  11. What you could try if you haven't done so already is to set up Overwatch cones yourself, and only then start the attack. Overwatch should be triggered during the enemies' repositioning turn, and remain active for your following turn (assuming your Overwatch attacks have not been spent by then). I find the resulting action quite realistic, considering that most mercs are not elite soldiers who can pull off perfectly synchronized attacks: while everything is still quiet, the first shot can be a well-timed head shot with the highest aim level. But then all hell breaks loose, and although the other mercs still have the element of surprise on their side, they can now only use the less accurate Overwatch shots. To illustrate this with an example: Out of six enemies, my initial attack with a grenade wounded two, killed none. After their repositioning turn, two are dead and three wounded thanks to Overwatch. The risk here is that you commit to Overwatch for your first turn, which means that you end up without APs after the initial enemy movement. But three Overwatch cones are still active, and they will be triggered again during the enemies' first proper turn.
  12. Your explanation makes sense. Maybe I'm confusing it with situations where you manage to stealth kill in real-time, but you don't see all other enemies, so at first the game stays in real-time. But then as soon as the dead enemy hits the ground, the kill is immediately noticed by an enemy ("enemy noticed someone die"), and enemies get their initially hidden repositioning turn. In that situation, my advantage following the kill is reduced (compared to the previous example, where all enemies stood next to the one who died, but nobody could act on it). Here is a similar situation. I kill this trooper in real-time: Target dead, enemy notices: Now I get my first turn-based turn only after the enemies have repositioned (Kalyna still hidden) But there is some inconsistency. I have just replayed this turn multiple times, sometimes there was repositioning of all enemies, sometimes only of one or two, and sometimes none at all. (always kill+noticed+still hidden).
  13. Yes, but I haven't really figured out how it works. I have one save where I can easily replicate it: Here, Kalyna and Buns are hidden, combat has not started, both have sniper rifles without silencers. Kalyna kills one enemy, the others are surprised and right next to the body. But I get the first turn, and now Buns can kill a second enemy. Only then will they get their repositioning turn. If I do it the other way around (Buns, then Kalyna) it will work as well. But if the first shot does not kill, it will not work and they get to reposition immediately. I'm not sure if this is a bug, as I don't think it worked that way in version 1.0, or if it is a feature to reward a clean initial kill with everyone being startled for a second.
  14. Overwatch does not always trigger, even with enough AP/attacks left, and the status bar at the top of the screen (where it says "player's turn" etc) will then read "Overwatch failed". When you move the mouse pointer over the Overwatch button (the one used to set up the Overwatch cone), a tooltip pane opens with the AP cost, and at the bottom it will state the maximum number of resulting Overwatch attacks. I will try to answer backwards: if a regular attack really is sufficient, then I usually prefer the regular attack, simply because it grants more control over the situation. But let's say there is an enemy 20 tiles away, carrying a pistol with range 10, and your rifle's effective range is 15. In that situation, I might set up a short Overwatch cone to only attack the enemy if he gets close enough to become a danger, and close enough for my merc to actually hit them. For what it's worth - in my experience, Overwatch becomes more useful (and fun) as the game progresses, as maps become more complex, and as enemies become more varied. In the very early game (Ernie island and maybe ~5 more sectors), Overwatch often felt like the solution to a problem I did not really have at the time. In addition, I may have made the mistake of treating it too much like an interrupt setup in JA2: I set it up just so it would trigger and grant me additional attacks, rather than guarding tactically important areas. Overwatch shines on maps with choke points, in situations where enemy presence is tolerable just as long as they don't get beyond a certain point, and in situations where combat starts before you had the chance to secure the area behind or next to you. On Ernie, most map setups are too linear to be approached in ways other than the obvious one, which is fine for a "tutorial island". But later maps are less of a one-way street.
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