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  1. It's not the bug. It just doesn't work that way. It's not always +10 strenght to get the slot. It slows down when you have more than 70 strenght.
  2. It definitely depends on your progress but also it's random. The restock is every 3 days and sometimes it have better stuff sometimes worse. You can save game before restock and load and there will be different range of items.
  3. Maybe soon developers gonna have AI tools to generate dialogs cheaper and quicker. There's a lot more voice acting in JA3 than it was in JA2. And I think it's the main reason why we don't have tons of Mercs. There's one Merc that can be top class explosives and medic. Wolf can be top class medic and mechanic but after lot's of training.
  4. I just feel like there could be more enemies attacking the sector. I'm playing on the hardest settings and fighting 10 legion troops is easy. Sometimes I attack sector where there is diamond shipment + regular legion troops so it's like 16 troops. It's getting better but something like 22 should be cool. IIRC in JA2 there were up to 24 enemies in the sector.
  5. That's great! No more ammo crafting. I was slowed by the ammo shortages so many times. This game is getting better and better!
  6. Massive update! Peace to all Steroid Buff team! 💪
  7. Yes, more of Grand Cien would be great. Especially some big city sectors with searchlights, machine gun nests with gunners and lot's of snipers. As vehicles it would be cool to fight some light armored vehicles and thanks. Skyrider hmm I somehow like that there's no chopper in the game so my second team that works for a peanuts have something to do. But maybe it would be cool if someone could give us a ride between cities like on savannah because it takes a lot of time to travel there.
  8. Me too! This is the first game since GTA V that hooked me! I wish for more AIM mercs from older JA games or something like Unifnished Business
  9. Do you have some good idea how to spy weapon transport? Or is it my game that after finding out one by gathering intel operation it's hard for me to find another one?
  10. How's your game after installing the patch? Haven't tried it yet but sounds good 👍
  11. I'm super glad that there's gonna be Bobby Rays! Still not finished the game yet but crafting ammo is always stoping me from advance. I have second squad just for ammo crafting. The game gets so better thanks to devs and updates! It looks like my second attempt to play the game gonna be a totally different experience.
  12. It's so ducking awesome that I can't take it! I'm still shooting and I'm still screaming boom headshot, boom headshot! Ps. Do you need love spell or abortion pills?
  13. I'm still early mid game and maybe having M14 build as silenced sniper rifle + FN Fal build as loud but low AP Assault Rifle might be good solution for Grand Cien's problems.
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