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  1. Hi dear Devs. I understand that you moved to other projects and you won't be releasing anymore DLC or Free Patches but I think a bug fix should be in store for the buyers of your game. Since the last update, some presets in the mercs creation of the Mod Editor doesn't work anymore so when we set the condition 2+ Mercs died in the last 14 days, the 2+ gets ignored by the system no matter how many times we apply it and stays at Zero. I already had sent a bug report about this almost a month ago and no fix ever came our way. Pretty sure there are other bugs in there cause a subscriber of mine reported to me that one my my mercs (Amanda Smith) that is actually created the same exact way like everyone else of my created mercs, became all of sudden a NPC after the fight with Jackhammer at the prison. She was still hired under the AIM Database but he couldn't use her anymore.
  2. Unfortunately we can't edit or add voices with the editor we have right now which is something we will be able to do after the first part of the mod tools got released. It is far easier to create a new merc and add them to the roster (AIM website) then modify one in game one in such a way right now. So I guess the system just makes a copy of the main character with your additions/changes, saves them into a new folder and since the voice files are not included it either uses a generic file like the imp_male one or none untill you select it for the character while editing.
  3. Even that's true we have already the 19th today and still no release of the first part of the mod tools or anything else so it's less then two weeks now until the august is over. To be honest I don't know what bugs are out there because I never experienced any, either as solo or in my co op game with a friend so far. 😕 Oh, I didn't catched that with the vacations, my bad. ^_^ Very well earned though cause I love the game so far and I have already brought almost all the JA2 and M.E.R.C. mercenaries back with the editor we have now (with a few prior npc, now playable additions too). :)
  4. In case you still didn't noticed, there is a spamming user or bot in the forums for a couple of hours now spamming the general discussion full with the same post about a african "healer" and such and the only thing I can do is to put the user in my ignore list. This however doesn't prevent me from seeing and reading the topics they post. Since I can't report the person to you nor can I entirely block them, they keep spamming the forums full. Please do something!
  5. Just wondering when we will get any news about them. In the dev streams back then you guys said you will release the first part mid august (which was today) but there are no news or updates yet. That's why I'm asking in the first place. 🙂 Would be great to have some infos.
  6. I also expected the imps having unique models and outfits instead of borrowing the models pieces of others or like in the second female imp the whole outfit and hair of corazon santiago. At least we can mod such things ourselves to change them but it is still bad to have to mod things that should had been there from the start.
  7. I already mentioned that there is one but if you want to include one of the nationalities that this mod enables to a merc, then everyone the subscribes to the merc will also have to subscribe to the nationalities mod for it to work and that's something I don't want. Thanks for all the informations, I unfortunately missed the stream at monday due to work. 🙂 That's some really awesome news right there! Can't wait.
  8. What you need is as essential as what others and me need. It all serves one purposes and it's creating additionaly in game content for the jagged alliance community. 🙂 Unfortunately we can't edit our posts here caus I wanted to expand my post since there are far more things needed. For one what bothers many is the very limited amount of nationalities to select from. Lands like France, Greece, many other european countries also with my asian and other countries are not included and if we mod them in game every character created with them will need the subscribers to subscribe to the languages mod additionaly and that's something we shouldn't need to do. So I hope the devs will expand the available amount of nationalities in the game and add further european, american and asian countries to pick from. 🙂
  9. So I worked with the mod tools, created a few of the mercs that are missing in the game and added them in the workshop. I'm very happy we already have the opportunity but there are some things that really bother me which I would like to have added when the mod tools are officially released: - no matter how big or small the prevew image for steam is, when I select one from the right place (I have it in the mods folder "images" included), the mod editor won't let me upload my creation. After I removed the preview image it always works. So it would be great to have premade, selectable images for this purpose like Merc, General Mod, UI, Map and so on to pick from. - more model parts. Most of all for the women. The selection of hair is VERY limited and there are like 4 different ones that look exactly the same while others all have a similar look. We also lack caucasian and asian faces, various hairstyles (blunt chops without layers, medium neck length bobs and other, pixies, one lenght, modern shags, textured haircuts, short, long, curtain, side swept bangs) for the most part as also african hairstyles.+ I think the reason they didn't included long hair its because it would glitch through the clothes but it would be at least good to have more mid long hair variations for the women (the men have plenty as also plenty clothing and parts to choose from). - the in game mercs parts are selectable but we can't change their color if we want to use them for other models and that's really bad (same with the color of their skin). - the female body can be selected but it doesn't connect with most of the lower parts so if you don't select the few particular ones that connect there is a gap in between as if the upper body and the lower body are cut through and through something invinsible "connected". - shirts, long arm shirts with gloves, armor parts, armors that don't glitch with the shirts under them or parts under them are badly needed. There are only 3 pieces right now which can't be combined with anything because the part under the armor comes through the armor and looks totally glitched. - We also lack a lot on various pants, like jeans with weapon holders, various mercenary and military types (have only 2 their color can be changed) - overweight or thick models for male and female models are also needed. There were a few overweight or at least thick mercs in JA and JA2 people would like to have back in the game because they were fun. - It would be awesome if we could also create recruitable mercs or locals to join our cause with a small storyline behind there or having set conditions of things one needs to do to recruit them like with the in game ones (smiley, larry and so on), instead of hireable ones only. Thanks a lot in advance and thanks for an awesome game again! 🙂
  10. Usually in any version if you activate a mod and start a new game, then save, go out and reenter later, it will tell you that the mod is missing. IF you used parts of the mod in your game (like recruiting a merc that was activated through that mod), it will probably not let you enter the game until you did or it will have errors. IF you activated the mod but didn't used whatever the mod held (in case of a merc if you didnt recruit him at all), then you can safely deactivate the mod, unsubscribe and you will still be able to start your savegame. It will tell you that the mod is missing and show it like an error but if you play further, the game notices that no parts of the missing mod were used by you and that the mod is actually not needed, so after you saved your further gameplay and load the game a other time to play further the "error" will be gone by itself.
  11. Ian said during the dev diaries that Ira was unfortunately one of the most hated mercs because of her southern accent and such. It seems that people in the US disliked her while we had no clue in EU since in my version of the game she speaks german and one of her most commonly used phrases is "I learn Fast!" I hope to be able to create her for the community after we got the mod tools since many people want to have her back. 🙂 Also loved Flo! She was a very fast learned aswell and a funny one too! The whole roster was very man heavy after all so it was fun having at least a couple of women in there(hope to change that through the mod tools aswell 😛 ). All in all I'm very excited about friday and can't wait to play and enjoy the game for sure! :)
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