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  1. Glad to hear it, Frankie. Go ahead and enjoy your campaign. 🙂
  2. @OzJester You can not predeploy in advance. Deployment is allowed only when two opposing forces are within the same sector and you are limited to the blue zones in the deployment phase. That said, once you place your squad, you can manually place every single merc within that same blue area, allowing for better positions. Even after you confirm your placement and start the tactical combat, you can now use active pause (Spacebar by default) to give commands to your mercs to better position them around the sector. They will execute this order in real time alongside the enemies but it does enable you to make a great ambush most of the time.
  3. You can simply start a new campaign without that mod if it bothers you so much. The only "fix" that is needed here is for the ShowChance to Hit mod to be updated for the current game version to remove the compatibility warning message. It is simply a warning message to let you know that the mod might be out of date (which it is). If the mod is working as intended, there is nothing wrong with your savegame. Even better if the mod is removed from your game. That message is there for a reason, especially with so many other mods that are now being made and used by the players. I would still advise to resubscribe to the mod(s) that show as missing and give it a try - it seems both should be working, you will just receive that warning message.
  4. They do reply from time to time, but are not that active here. I can certainly confirm that they are monitoring the forums though. 🙂
  5. @past caring As you can see from my screenshots, I was at 29th of August and had a FN Fal, RPK and an AR-15 available for sale. I could also buy 7,62 NATO standard and 9 mm AP. I was going for the Major's base and had liberated almost all of the mines. I would say it is tied to your in-game progressing. Not how much time has passed, but what you have liberated and completed as quests. Give it a few more in-game days to refresh once or twice and you are bound to see new equipment become available. Naturally, you are bound to see better progression if you start a new game.
  6. @Worfe It is automatic, but needs a few in-game hours for the website to come online. I would wait at least one in-game day and then try to access it.
  7. @PunkSkeleton Regarding your additional points: 1. Ammo scarcity can be an issue if you do not actively look both for parts and gunpowder with which you can craft said ammo. Players prefer to use the gunpowder to craft explosives instead of ammo as well. In general if you use burst or auto fire a lot, even crafting ammo won't help you. 2. Money income on higher difficulties is a lot lower, especially on Mission Impossible. On MI you have too keep a close eye on who do you hire and when. It is still very much doable but the early game can be rough if you are not careful. 3. Depending on how you set up your merc, you can suppress numerous enemies with one action. Bullets will suppress independently, not the action itself thus if you want to use it as a tactic, you have to try shooting at groups of enemies. This can mean a lot less shots coming your on their turn. It is not powerful but useful approach to limit the danger. 4. Any grenade thrown into a dirty/dusty environment will create a small could of dust when it explodes. The visual effect can be different but in essence there should be some visible cloud after it goes bang. 5. Zombies is question of preference - it was the same situation with the aliens in JA2. 🙂 They could integrate a toggle for those but I do not think that would happen as they seem to be quite well integrated into the overall plotline. The balance can be improved upon and they might need a few balance patches to find the sweet spot.
  8. Show Change to Hit is a cosmetic mod and does not change any critical game systems or data. You can safely continue without it, what you are seeing is the default warning message to make you aware that a mod that was added to this game is no longer active. You should be able to reinstall that mod and keep playing with it. Your issue is with the save file itself, not the game files. From what I gather you should be safe to continue onwards.
  9. As of yesterday's patch 1.3, we now have Bobby Ray's back on the web. Here is a short overview of its features: Sells everything, weapons, armor, ammo, parts, meds, tools, explosives and more. You can sort by type within each category, making it easier to find whatever you are looking for. Weapons and armor can come with modifications but these are rare from what I have seen. Shipping has 3 options and they deliver only to ports located on the west side of the map. The farther the port is from the map entry point, the more the delivery will cost. You also need to control the sector to be able to select it for delivery. For some reason parts and meds are more expensive than ammo. So far have seen only basic ammo - normal, hollow point and armor piercing. I feel that there needs to be a selection window when clicking on an item to type the desired number you would like to order. For parts, meds and ammo this currently involves a lot of clicking. What is your experience with JA3's version of Bobby Ray so far?
  10. Yep, go ahead. Just double-check what is the maximum file size limit on Steam. You might need to separate your mod into 2 or 3 separate files. 🙂
  11. You are missing Smiley who is hiding in the back of Fleatown's church. Have you completed the quest involving a certain Madame from Pantagruel? 🙂
  12. The free mercs should not count towards your "Hired mercs" limit which be default is 15. So if you simply want to hire a new one, you can go ahead. Your total limit is 21 mercs - 15 hired + 5 free (from the campaign) + your IMP merc. A better solution might be to install the Custom settings mod that will allow you among other thing to change the limit of hired mercs you can have.
  13. Yep, good on them for having Jonathan as a guest. We really need more such streams with people outside of the gaming sphere who enjoy talking about guns, military, tactics and more (no politics hopefully).
  14. Can you share more information about how it approaches the game and enemies to make it harder? Is it only on the tactical level or strategic level as well?
  15. I think in order to combat the constant spam, they set new threads to be first approved by a moderator. It seems that they are finally taking some measures to stop these waves of spam. 🙂
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