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  1. Yes! Exactly what I have been waiting for. Almost got it for PC, which would have decreased my enjoyment greatly. A little heads up would have been nice...
  2. @GODSPEED We totally made this happen!... probably not, but still cool that we kinda called it. Am I right @Home 😄 JA3 DevStream 22 - with Jonathan Ferguson
  3. I still don't see that as a problem. If you decide to have them at the same scale, you make the hand slots larger. It doesn't need to be like Heroes III inventory hand slots, when Diablo 2 inventory hand slots better serve your mechanic. Ja2 uses large slots for hands. It's not an issue if it was the kind of system you wanted to have in the game.
  4. Sorry to hear that. It doesn't have to be ugly though. I could look just as it does now with adjustment to how it works. Glock is 1 square, taurus is 2, m14 is 3, Barret is 4. And they would all look like they exist in the same world. If there are limits to weight, why shouldn't there be limits to volume or at least length... It's just a mechanic I would have appreciated, especially because of allowing uniform scale for items. No need to get "but Deus is ugly" about it.
  5. Well it could, having been done in both Deus Ex and its remake. But probably won't. Too late for such a change. But I don't fully get your argument. You can either carry a Barret or 7 handguns. Why should all pockets (slots) be 1 size fits all?
  6. Great dev diary! I didn't dare think you might be able to display guns as well as new Modern Warfare games do, but here we are. It's an impressive part of the game. I absolutely agree that portraits of mercs should be in different scale to keep the same badge dimensions. However, for weapons I would have preferred keeping a uniform scale. It really takes away from the representation of each weapon. The Barret appearing as long as the M14, the revolver appearing as small as the Glock and both weapons loosing significant amount of detail... trigger guards barely visible... I can't say I like it. The whole concept of carrying an anti-tank rifle should look and feel as insane as it sounds. I wish the slot size would change in accordance to the actual weapon. It's probably an interface nightmare, but worth it imho. I always loved original Deus Ex inventory. Backpacks could have used that same concept.
  7. Wait... you mean like the guy who won't shut up about Dark Descent compared to JA3 even though it's a very different game? Yeah, I don't think so...
  8. I bet Aliens: Dark Descent devs can make red med-kits, though. Ain't that right @Lunokhod 😂🤡
  9. If there is a pre-order option it has to have some kind of bonus, otherwise there's 0 reason for anyone to pre-order. Early access is done by a lot of games. I don't think it will be the case with JA3. They should give pre-order option, but maybe choose a different bonus. Maybe a cosmetic skin... Tactical outfit for Tex, anyone?
  10. That would actually be a very good summery of this forum for those of us that don't have the time (and don't want to) to read 10 pages of "devs MUST do that", "it's too expensive, but I will buy it", "CtH or devs are stupid" on every topic. The problem is that the author has to be: 1. Sane. 2. Not formulating biased answers according to own views. 3. Willing to spend a bunch of their time for a tiny ungrateful bunch for free.
  11. Really? What do you do? When you make cards with the same size and they have content of different sizes it's much better to scale the content. Keeping the same scale for all faces would look a lot worse. You have to make all faces really small in order to accommodate the largest face. If a bald guy and a guy with an Afro were same scale most cards would be almost empty. It's the same with document pictures, badges, products, etc. You can't keep the same card size and the same scale for the content. THAT would actually be unprofessional. Either way it really doesn't have to do with pricing. Triple A games launch at 70 USD and I would much rather get this so 45 sounds good to me. And if it turns out well, I'd gladly pay 70 to support them, regardless of what it cost them. If 45 doesn't reflect the quality they achieved, that's easily solvable, too. Don't buy it. Get the other game you mentioned and be happy. It really doesn't look better to me, though.
  12. Wow you are still on about it and I still don't get it. What are you calling the "icons"? Does the different face size bug you or is it the added padding of the selected card?
  13. Yes, it's a poll. They should give the option to disable posts and voting be the focus of the topic. That said, other people are enabling a single person go on trolling. Ignore list him and let him talk to himself... Or continue arguing for 10 more pages irrelevant to the poll.
  14. Do share? Because it's not out (or close to) yet?
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