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  1. Love the idea of having magazines as equipment. Haven't played it anywhere, but it fits the JA style perfectly. The actual metal holding the rounds is pretty valuable. Most guns would have just one and a spare should be a rare find to celebrate. Also it would increase the value of a merc's initial equipment. I always hated buying their original rifles and be out of bullets by the second combat sector. If I could hold on to their mags however, that would be more equipment worth keeping.
  2. Yep. Can't say they are doing great with the marketing. Shouldn't have opened this forum if they weren't ready to contribute to it. People are free to use their own forums like discord and steam and not expect dev input. This one however does require some official representation in order to exist.
  3. I would hate abilities that you pick as you gain experience. Today you can throw 2 grenades, but couldn't yesterday... I would hate activated abilities. I would hate abilities that somehow buff your stats for a number of turns. JA2's skill are good. Permanent. Initial. Like education irl. You hire a merc with them and because of them. They should not be obtainable during the course of the game. I would be ok with unique abilities related to hardware (equipment). Like Siege, some operators have a gadget they can wield. Other mercs could equip it, but should be bad at it. It should be skills that effect stats, not abilities that provide new capability.
  4. Same. Which is not the case. I think they are familiar enough having made this trailer version, including JA2 mercs and claiming it will be a true successor. They are not taking part in any of the forums obviously and I'm starting to think they shouldn't. Half of the stuff here isn't answerable anyway.
  5. I don't mind the overwatch. It is a lot more realistic, too. I don't see it as a huge departure from interrupts. The grenades can also be made to miss while displaying a representation of what the merc is aiming to achieve. However you have turned my attention to something that I think is worse, than all wrongs discussed combined. Is that an ABILITY Fidel has? Don't you think that's terrible? Unique abilities to merc I mean. That's the most new-Xcom simplification so far. Shouldn't all mercs be capable of the same basic actions with different levels/chances of success? Two frags at the same time... no-one would ever do that irl, but every person with two hands would be capable of trying to do it. I would hate to see unique character abilities define who the merc is and how he'd be used...
  6. Well it was always a long shot. But I think a series talking about guns in games must include a JA2 mention even if lost in the comments somewhere... so no regrets there 😄 would have commented even without the forum. To be honest I think marketing should be pushing for similar promotion. I can't say they are doing much. I found out about JA3 by seeing an IGN article thumbnail "Everything Announced at THQ Event"... I wouldn't even stop scrolling if had I not known that JA rights are with THQ. I don't like anything else they have. I thought "oooh, maybe they would decide to give JA another go, let's see the announced titles real quick" and there it was... No wonder the community is so slim.
  7. Yeah, a lot can change. I liked the static dossier portraits in the trailer. 2D images are so much nicer than attempting to 3D model everyone. I don't recall seeing an animated 2D drawing talk in the past 15 years, thought. They either make a 3D model talk, or a static 2D.
  8. Early Access is good for business, getting people to talk about it, but terrible for game quality. It's a way to sell it before it's ready and an excuse for everything wrong with it - "oh it's just not ready yet"
  9. That would have been a cool easter egg, however nowadays even large studios can't seem to keep launch dates they've decided on just a couple of months back. To stamp the release date on the reveal image would mean they are 95% ready with the game.
  10. I think it's natural to want to settle with something decent and then heighten your requirements rather quickly. It's like not owning a car and being happy to get a small older one. In an year you would probably want a bigger, nicer vehicle... Given the failures so far, we'd all feel lucky with a JA2 copy. I agree with you - it will be a success, but a short lived one. The new Diablo 2 is gorgeous... but it was still Diablo 2 exactly. Giving us an open beta was a mistake... I was fed up with it in 2 hours and I will not buy it. I've played it a thousand times and frankly my brain always rendered it in my memory the way it looks now. I would have sworn it's the same graphics if there wasn't a switch between new and old graphics implemented 😄 .
  11. Q: How complicated do you enjoy inventory? A: Yes. 😄 it should have been a multiple choice question. Sector inventory is a must. I love the LBE system, although it could get wierd, putting bags full of stuff in your backpack full of bags... Weight limit based on merc is also a requirement if you ask me. It's just off to have a farm girl in a juggernaut suit, LMG, mortar on her back. But most of all things should have their own slots. A modern take on N-pocket vests should be armor with Velcro stripes. You arrange the pockets as you see fit. Knife, scissors, mag pouches, sidearm holster, frags. I like finding the correct pouch, holster I want, especially in the camo tone I want it in.
  12. The mobile SAMs idea is nice, also because they are vehicles in combat, but would not actually give an advantage in combat. Being exclusively anti air they couldn't take part in an on foot firefight. They would be more of a liability, than an overpowering war machine. There's another aspect to this worth exploring - your team needing an operational SAM to advance and gain control of areas without being shredded to bits by enemy air support.
  13. I like the sound of that for two reasons. First is the uncertain location and second because it may add some real shift in map control areas, enemies taking back some of the areas you've liberated. It could just be me, but I never felt a real push back. I never had to make a difficult choice, lose a town or area of influence.
  14. Imagine what a rep system could do for replayability. If being friends with a faction meant you are not favored by other factions effectively locking weapons, quests and paths until your next playtrough. I think I'd prefer that to being able to please everyone, see everything and obtain all the cool stuff in a single run.
  15. I like what was playing in the cinematic trailer starting around 0:35, but the game play music sounds like an overly epic misstep...
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