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  1. Please do us all a favor and never combine the terms "goddamn" "y'all" and "glowing".
  2. It is simplified in parts but I would say ideally it would be a bit closer to JA 2, and include things like % accuracy on shots and less RPG style combat. (And yes I know its written to "shadowmagic").
  3. I wont derail a thread with a huge conversation about legitimate vs cruel violence that approaches terror tactics, but lets just say I think it looks a specific way when a woman merc castrates a male, regardless of which side they're on, and then makes jokes about it.
  4. Def think they should've scrubbed fox making reference to "castrating" somebody however. Even the line format in my opinion was really weak, like it was very obvious that somebody on the writing staff thought of a pun and they just crammed it in there without thinking. Castration is a huge war crime that was used by the most violent cartels in mexico as one of the most severe violent tactics availible. To think its good joke material is like if you thought human trafficking is good joke material.
  5. Whoever came up with the time line is a genius. Its a great way to iterate on the UI and make a helpful QoL update.
  6. I dont believe bullet trajectories are that important. Now can the way bullets move be changed to look better? Perhaps.
  7. Its all OTT they intentionally said that enemies looked "too clean". The enemies looked perfect this is stupid. You can also add minor features without turning them into festival costumes. They look like theyve spent the last 4 hours in a make up chair.
  8. I am not going to say anything 🤣 IFISPEAK
  9. An idea for a JA3 Elliot reference, maybe some other references that are humorous maybe: Ironic references, so really unexpected out of character references for bad characters from JA2. Example: Elliot's hospital for children or something, which by itself is very ironic and unexpected that he'd go from like a bad character in ja2 to like a benevolent philanthropist (though maybe that wont work out time line wise). Or the mean lady who ran the factory, imagine she's still mean but like a local newspaper gives her an award for hunane treatment of workers and its clearly not humane or something, ccould be very funny.
  10. @Remi1987 I agree broadly I think developers actually tried to recapture the mood and atmosphere of JA2 but also did some things that I would personally not do. The best thing to do at this point is to support the franchise and put out good press for it so the randos on steam who dont know the difference between a spoon and a fork or between action points and XCOMs system purchase it and we can keep the franchise rolling. Regardless Ill still play it just to see the old characters back enjoy the writing enjoy the strategy, even if the devs took some steps that I would personally not take.
  11. Imo you gotta max marksmanship agility dexterity and wisdom and then you'll have maybe 1 2 stats you can max and those should be leadership for convo options and maybe mechanics for random door unlocks and chest unlocks. Btw just had a great idea for how to make mechanical stat much more useful and its own like area of JA; make lots of doors require mech stat check to open or unlock and maybe have them require different kinds of lockpicks like at first mechanical then more advanced mechanical then digital. Basically if you are going to go in as a stealthy squad you'll need a mechanics guy to open all the doors all the big warehouse gates disable lights or electricity to an area or some buildings, turn off cameras if theres any, etc. How are you guys going to set up your first custom merc?
  12. Or you can also do a raid on a drug dealers mansion or base or base of operations (or compound even better, drug dealers can have compounds).
  13. I dont want to be a hater but I think a bank heist would be a bit different tone wise to typical JA type stuff. I can keep the concept of a bank heist and do a quest situation where the general or "dictator" type figure has a "secret" warehouse full of gear (maybe even so much gear you cant take it all by design) and that you can only bring in about one person or two people who have high leadership requirement who pretend to be civilians and then can take out a pistol and fight their way out, and the warehouse burns down or explodes or something because a safety measure got triggered etc. I think that can be a tone-wise correct way to do a bank heist type mission without borrowing a quest that I think would belong in something like a mafia or gangster setting more.
  14. Radomir radomir radomir! We are honored by your presence sir radomir. Like talking to a real life merc in person! 🤣
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