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  1. Hell yeah, I love it! Awesome update!!
  2. Does anyone else have lags on the world map? If i hit the play button, game would lag and i would not see movements until I hit pause button - then everything moved but I can't see it in real-time. am I alone with this?
  3. this. the inventory system really drives me nuts...
  4. DUDE! WHAT'S MINE SAY? Mate, he meant ingame time.. you know ... one year since you (A.I.M )was hired to rescue the president..
  5. this can be used to verify it, but can't be the solution to the issue.
  6. FAMAS is the worst Assault Rifle of all..
  7. okay and then there's players like me how take every task, who wants to explore almost every sector of the game and who ... takes his time and creates youtube videos if I discover something interesting or something that might be useful for "casual" players. but i guess both approaches to a game are totally fine.
  8. Reduce UI Scale so I can see more inventory at the same time... And maybe add a Sort Function for the Sector Stash..
  9. well you can move to the Major's Base right away and "finish" the game. But what is finished anyway? Not having played the nice quests, the awesome laughs and so on ... this is, at least for me, a huge part of the game.
  10. dude, this is part of the game/story... it's meant to happen as it's a major "turnaround" point / plot twist in the game!
  11. So I decided to rescue Bill and landed on Sector D10. Upon checking the Sector, i realized how far apart the enemies are and decided to melee-yolo with shadow. It was so fun that I already did it like 10 times, always with different approaches and I actually tried to speedrun it - since it's a racetrack! How fast can you go?
  12. couldn't have said it better. get my thanks for that. JA3 is a promising base for all the mods that are to come, i guess we can all stay tuned.
  13. okay, but you don't usually wait to train militia until it reaches a certain percentage of loyalty, so I simply would not take that into consideration. Plus on sectors where you simply can't get any loyalty at all (outposts) the costs don't matter at all.. Regarding perks/talents: See my video. I made the comparism sheet at the end.
  14. Ah, okay that's a fair point, I didn't check for that since ... you need the militia anyway, so the price does not really matter, does it?
  15. I just made a Video on this topic, maybe you wanna have a look. Just one short hint: to me it seems that loyalty does not effect training times. The tooltip says so, but it doesnt. I guess this needs a patch, please.
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