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  1. Same feelings. Disliked the President even. While he did not like that I recruited Major Spike. The Colonel I killed before with a simple noiseless shoot by Shadow in that fortress, very unspectacular. Now I will blow up the Jail, then take that island back and kill this evil woman. I am far away from having solved all quests. I even left von Essen his mine and have not found single farm treasure yet. Well I am omw to Baldurs Gate 3 now anyway. Funny thing is that Baldurs Gate 2 came out 23 years ago almost like Jagged Alliance did. Baldur is the only fantasy game I ever did. It goes very very deep and you can play it for the rest of your life. I never finished Baldurs Gate 2 even ha, ha. Best is it has no online-force. So if the internet goes down and the world is falling to pieces you can still play it as long as you have electricity.
  2. I killed Faucaux in that Fort. Sniped him with Shadow. One shoot.
  3. Try ist without saving from your first move in. Use hard-core nodus.
  4. I don´t want weaker machine guns 😡
  5. With right ammunition I mean above all the different types like hollow point or armour-piercing. It goes without saying that you use the correct caliber. The game, like in real life, doesn't allow anything else anyway. I always prefer hollow point if a target is not protected.
  6. Mines, JA2 mercs will test, more ammo, IMP I use
  7. You can upgrade it all 2 your taste. Using the right ammo ist recommended 2 as it was already in JA2.
  8. I fully dislike the FAMAS. I always destroy them. My special is the Anaconda, with some upgrade a nice 2nd weapon for a MG-gunner. And over all I like the MG 42. I was group gunner with it in our Army (Bundeswehr) where it was called MG 3. I really feel at home with it and we shoot the 7,62 mm which also know as 308 Winchester. It has the same sound like in the game specially when you are in woods with it firing. 😉
  9. Are we taking about solo-game to finishing the game/story or does it go about single sectors?
  10. Nice idea would that 2. It could become a living world like that also maybe rebuilding the towns .. kinda sim-city add on 😉 where you help to build it up and defend the achievements. Our kinda bad version, where you become ta sick dictator, trying to pull out as much money as you can and have to defend yourself against constant rebellions and so on. Wll all very complex in the if it is done well. But it could become kinda own world.
  11. Think and hope there will the future you mention. I see it same. Depends how big the community for it as least and if the makers can make money with it. They gave us a very good base, which makes it impossible to fall back JA2 which I still love and respect but cannot play anymore now. Well our community is the older one less nerds in I presume and less kids. For me is np to pay for upgrades and more maps. But on the current level it is lot of work and I do not like easy squeals then. Well, we will see. For now I will play JA3 still several times and in my on variations. BTW I am still on my 1st work-through here doing it slow and step by step. Analyzing-game I would call it. Next one will be a planned one then.
  12. First of all hope they make enough money with. There unfinished things in the game, like this internet-features, some bugs and a crappy inventory management. I heard they do not make enough money so far. So the game may not be supported even. A wish list now?! First pray to get support for fixes and maybe upgraded.
  13. Well it is out for 2 weeks now. Library etc. takes time, sorting mods 2. Do not know how deep you in it? I am slow 2 explore the east of the map right. Man, there are so many things to discover in a very high complexity. Also your will learn your mercs better getting more familiar with them. But it is all really starting deeper in the map/ game. Those who have played it through I am not believing at once, that they saw it all and solved all quests 2. Ok, I don´s t know how real hardcore-gamer-nerds act td. But I am hard on it 2 taking it over step by step. And you have to face very very unexpected things upsetting you if you are not prepared for, which i will not tell - spoiler- here. Believe it is the best so far one can make out of JA2. There are details one could fix to make things more handy, maybe with other balances ... but all over JA3 simply genus with a lot of work ty have put and teh y should be rewarded with all the money they can get for.
  14. It was/us quite the same as with JA2. While in JA3 KI looks keener 2 me. Try it without saving. We all do the "saving game" mainly to know what the enemy does or will do. But if just move forward as it comes by you own it looks quiet different and did already in JA2. And at least there is a game play or do you just want to loose? 😉
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