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  1. I mean, it is just not possible to create a real lifelike weapon model for a game and i dont think, it will ever be. There are too many different factors which are involved, target and effects. F.e. a badbad guy could survive an 7.62 and the other one could die of a well placed single .22 bullet or a shrapnel in his toe, f.e, true story. But nobody asked for that kind of impossible realism, me neither. The minimum and easiest way, you can do, in trying represent weapons, is the minimum size, rough, average values and milspecs. But here, i dont see coherence in JA3 and still wondering why they have done such an unnecessary complication. Particularly if you dont know something better, would make it a lot more easier, to just orientate in real guns, than create an own odd fantasy-value system. So its an given away point for the game.
  2. Misunderstanding. Im fine with the appearence and the models are almost perfectly fine for me. They are reasonable and well made. For example, attachments are way better. From the looking the JA3 weapons resemble much more the original weapons than JA2. The have done it well. I meant the inner values, that dont make any sense in my modest opinion (shot a lot of infantry-weapons by myself) and i found JA2 weapon values more appropriate fitting a semirealism/arcade game-setting). Apart from that, wrong calibers, you already mentioned above and other fantasy things. Its only a small factor, i know. But for me it seems like a weak and listless implementation and also an unnecessary fault (even for balancing reasons) because I think, actually JA3 is not that bad and has a good foundation.
  3. The same for me.. The incomprehensible weapon design of JA3 seems like an absolute indifference of devs for weapontopics or even worse idleness. Maybe smbd. decided there is no time, money or brain, to do it right, or they just didnt care and thought no one else would be interested in that topic, to have better and more realistic feeling-weaponbalance,...we will never find out. I think most JA3 players arent that keen in weapons or/and arent interested in, but as long youve got a glue, working with weapons f.e., or even only do it as an hobby, youre just wondering about some really obvious weirdness, concerning JA3 weapons. The overall weapon appearence, like they are in the the game, really turned me off and was the reason i played JA3 only one time and that left it since then. Maybe i'll play it again in a more distant future, after i had the time, to change and correct the whole weird things you already wrote about.
  4. The amount of mods, till ill finally play JA3 again, is huge. I dont like to blame the game, but there are so many things, about stuffs work, feeling personally so wrong and a kind of absurd to me, that it will take a few months, to solve them for my own feelings. 😅 Its just the point, that id like to have a perfect playtrough and not having the thought, 'Oh well, you must play with this and that' almost around every corner. I cant say, which one would be most important one for me.
  5. What about surrender and create a new rescue-mission, getting your mercs Out of prison? Nope, just kidding 😉 Just give it a try, i think you overestimate enemies power, huge in amount and having big firearms or not. Try do some stealth kills for some lonely enemies and than you would have better weapons maybe. Or retreat to another sector, Lxant already mentioned and come back later or do a combination of both. Its possible, you only have to work it out. If youre doing saveloads its pretty easy anyway.
  6. Hm, i suppose that might be, that there was some cheating. But i could also depends on other used mods, which we're used. Or its simply depending on an easier difficult-level. However. When i started my first JA3 play, my stratetic Intension was to do only cqb stealth kills, and i hired only one merc, for doing that, Blood, would be an good deal, i thought. I didnt choose him in the past very often, but remembered his 'Welcome to the 90s' Martial-Arts. But after arriving and finished a few sectors, i became aware of, that CQB s not that fun, i thought it would be. Devs spoke about that topic and they wouldnt do it the same was, like in JA2. I recognized that, because it was to dangerous to sneak, hide and kill, with only one merc and almost no possiblities to confuse the enemy, with stones, Marvels, bobby traps. Sadly, that tactic didnt work, so i switched to sharphooting, where i had similar problems, but it was much more easier to play with. So i think, with JA3 Vanilla, all these QCB and no firearms-used fights are too uneffective. At least in highest difficult.
  7. I even felt attached to mass units in strategy-games, like in Steel Panthers or Spellcross, World in Conflict, Company of Heroes, or Men of War, where they were all were name and faceless, too.
  8. Hm. If i understand that right, wounds give you +50% damage in JA3?! Didnt noticed that, when i played it weeks ago. And i didnt read it either, because there is no manual, or is there? If thats true, and i understood that right?!, the whole thing getting even more absurd for me and JA3 turns out being even more Alice in Wonderland for me..😂 Well, but at least its funny, isnt it! But its meant, only with some special perk, or? Didnt have to time or possiblity, to read all characteristics of them
  9. Sinking morale, being constantly not getting healed, should also add an extra bonus of difficulty..could be go so far, that mercs would quit after a while and not willing to come back again..😅 But however, that would be far to difficult to implement, unfortunately.
  10. It would be enough, to know how many enemies there will be in an unfriendly sector. Its feeling a bit lame, to know that they are enemies at all, plus the exactly amount of troops and their category too, before even met them. There should be more fog of war in general, imo.
  11. So you actually wanting the exact opposite direction, the topic is asking about..😅 Sometime, when Editor will arrive, you could solve your problem with upgrading enemys health bar and armor and eventually increase Docs effectiveness while decreasing wounds your mercs will get. Or lowering weapon-stats, for your case of interest, sniperrifles.
  12. I dont wont to citate a well known JA2 Mod..:D ..but for a JA3 one, it could be an option simply increase the time-cost to heal a wound properly. So healing wounds could take a looong time, a few ingame-weeks or so. What also could be imaginable, would be an permanent health lowering of health points, received from a certain amount of wound. That would be feeling fair and unforgiving and also more realistic, for me. Alternatively, these permanent wounds could also only been healed by dedicated Docs, plus beeing in a hospital setting. But most player wont like that and it wouldnt feel like original JA any longer, but getting closer to that popular JA2 Mod, again..: D But again, i would like it.
  13. Again i remember me on the sometimes unforgiving JA2. Sometimes one of my mercs bleeded to death, cause my stupid mercs just forgot some 1st Aid Kit and in Vanilla it wasnt possible to craft your one bandage. And on the long way back to Drassen Airport Depot, there was no cure..ups,.. In JA3 almost deadly wounds for mercs felt like more a scratch to me. Might be also the reason why i found JA3 so easy, even in hardest difficulty level. You just dont need an Doc, because every Merc can easily heal himself and it didnt take so long. In my Game, there werent any occuarances of enemy offensives, so i could stay in just occupied sectors for a while, as long as needed to heal my one merc. For enemy soldiers, hm, it appeared to be the same like in older ones. One good placed heatshot and the enemy was dead. On body its a bit different, thats okay. Otherwise it would been way too easy. Too less enemy and too stupid.
  14. For me, best part of JA3 are the absolutely lovely designed maps and the overall apperance of Grand Chien, the wild nature, the slums, villages and cities creating an distinctive kind of special, authentic athmosphere. I love that, with an eye for details, designed world. Whats still hindering me playing JA3 more than one time, are some absolutely questionable basic game-mechanics decisions (new rndbsd sys) imo and there are a lot of rough big mistakes with them, making the game unnecessary worse imo (inventory fe). But with the editor, i'll change one of the worst little detail for me; design choices of weapon-arsenal, (so hopefully i can play it again then, without getting turned off too much 😅).
  15. I rescued the president first. That was funny and also yet dissapointing. He simply walked away, like some kind of jesus or ghandi, in his presidental dress, alone, by his one, through the wilderness and through enemy sectors, without any sorrow getting kidnapped again. I actually excepted something like the skyraider or kulba escort-mission, but no-no, not in 2023. Then i had to kill the colonel and then corazon.
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