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  1. I've played coop before and after the patch and it seems that I have to resync literally every time we load into a sector, at least when there's a battle. Don't think it was that bad before the patch.
  2. One of my best friends and I basically grew up playing JA1 and JA2. Absolutely LOVED it, put ourselves and another friend in the game (through mods) and had years and years of fun. Then a few years ago, my friend was diagnosed with autism. Not full-on autism, but it's definitely impacted his life over the past 10-15 years. His energy levels are just completely off, doesn't handle being bombarded with lots of information and having to make tons of choices in a split second. When he games, he plays relaxing games that don't require a lot of thinking, like Farming Simulator. Which is what makes co-op JA3 absolutely amazing in my opinion: - He can have as much control as he wants; I can take control of everything and he can just watch it like I'm streaming, he can just control 1 or 2 mercs or however many he wants - He can still look around everything on his own (AIM website, Notes, Email and inventory screens work independently for example), set up Operations independently of me if he feels like it, etc The ONLY thing that's kind of spoiling or at least diminishing the fun is that one co-op player can not hear what the mercs controlled by the other player are saying. (only in the big dialog screens with NPC they all pipe up) This is such a huge bummer, because that's what makes the mercs so likeable. Basically, if he only controls one merc, he only hears that merc. PLEASE FIX THIS!
  3. Uhm, that's an official option that the Devs already put in, isn't it?
  4. I mainly use scouting to find hidden stashes. Sometimes it's nice to see a vantage point right away, but a good look at the sector would tell you that too. I agree that you really shouldn't know much info about shipments and enemy groups way off on the other side of the map. Scouting could/should show troups in the area, maybe a day away.
  5. Probably tied to gathering enough clues first before talking to Faucheaux? I think I got a message saying "gathered enough clues" or something during the conversation.
  6. Overwatch is only really triggered once the enemy has spotted you. If you're not in turn-based mode yet, it's basically just an "in case things start happening" thing. The cone is the area they'll watch, and if someone moves in(to) it, they'll try to shoot it. Keep in mind that: - they only shoot with burst (if your gun has burst mode) - they only shoot at the chest - the number of AP they had left when you put them on overwatch determines how many shots they can fire in overwatch. - once combat starts, they're locked into overwatch for their first turn. So if you've set up overwatch on your whole team -1, use the last merc to shoot an enemy, the rest of them spend their first turn in overwatch (after the "scramble turn" that the enemies get). - Fox gets her AP back for her first turn because of her Talent.
  7. By that I mean the optimal range you normally see in the slider thing under your aiming reticle. The range that's further than the optimal range could be slightly different coloured, so you can more easily decide how big to make the overwatch cone.
  8. Not saying I don't want to look around for loot. I love that. I'm just saying that I hate needing a Merc with a skill of X in Mechanical just to see a looting node for parts. It makes me have to bunch them all up to make sure there's always someone who can spot anything, which gets very annoying in small spaces and with small items, like a mobile phone to hack. Maybe everyone can spot everything, but just a mechanic can actually get the parts from a car and hack a computer for example.
  9. Actually, that's what Livewire's Talent could be changed to: see things on the map that are further away.
  10. Yeah it's totally unrealistic to know a patrol or diamond shipment is moving between two points all the way on the other side of the map. Unless we have our own satellite or spies or something, which we don't. It's bad enough that we know the exact route they're taking.
  11. It just makes me have to bunch everyone up and run through every sector together to make sure I see every possible loot or explosive trap. Surely any person who doesn't have 1 in Wisdom knows what a car looks like and knows there might be some parts in it. Or can identify a bush for medicine. It's very annoying.
  12. It's quite annoying that I can't train one merc in MRK and another one in EXP in the same sector at the same time if I wanted to. Should be possible.
  13. Can we get the occasional lens or chip when harvesting stuff in the Dump? Maybe also a crowbar or lockpick or half empty first aid kit or someting? Makes sense to find the occasional really useful item there, right?
  14. Please tone down Livewire's Talent. It's so OP that it's just not fun taking her along. Maybe limit it to the starting positions and types of enemies once you enter, so you can plan better, but then once the enemy's first turn starts, you can't see them anymore. Makes sense to me; with the intel, she can check what kind of enemies were assigned to the sector, but how could she track where they move to once they start moving? (Unless she's hacking into some satellite that just happens to be constantly positioned over this country for however long your mercs are there, which I doubt, especially in 2001) Actually, this kind of info in the second paragraph above could (maybe even SHOULD) all be available from the Scout Area operation (how much could maybe depend on a Wisdom check and/or amount of intel you have on a particular sector). Maybe she just needs an entirely new Talent. Like... gathering some intel without having to scout (not all possible intel, just maybe hidden stashes? Sounds good to me, since she's somewhat of a thief, some of her voice lines suggest so anyway), or when she hacks machines, she gets more intel or even some intel that you can't normally get through hacking?
  15. Don't know if it's already the case, but shooting in the arms should shorten the range of grenade tosses considerably, both for enemies and your own mercs. After all, you don't have much strength in an arm when you've just been shot in it, right? Also, making explosives stronger based on your EXP stat makes no sense at all. Explosives (should) do a set amount of damage. I also like the idea of the throwing accuracy being affected by DEX. Makes sense, and makes the DEX stat more useful as a main stat for something rather than only supportive for other stats.
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