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Playing co-op with friend diagnosed with autism is great - one thing needs to be fixed though


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One of my best friends and I basically grew up playing JA1 and JA2. Absolutely LOVED it, put ourselves and another friend in the game (through mods) and had years and years of fun.

Then a few years ago, my friend was diagnosed with autism. Not full-on autism, but it's definitely impacted his life over the past 10-15 years. His energy levels are just completely off, doesn't handle being bombarded with lots of information and having to make tons of choices in a split second. When he games, he plays relaxing games that don't require a lot of thinking, like Farming Simulator. Which is what makes co-op JA3 absolutely amazing in my opinion:

- He can have as much control as he wants; I can take control of everything and he can just watch it like I'm streaming, he can just control 1 or 2 mercs or however many he wants

- He can still look around everything on his own (AIM website, Notes, Email and inventory screens work independently for example), set up Operations independently of me if he feels like it, etc


The ONLY thing that's kind of spoiling or at least diminishing the fun is that one co-op player can not hear what the mercs controlled by the other player are saying. (only in the big dialog screens with NPC they all pipe up) This is such a huge bummer, because that's what makes the mercs so likeable. Basically, if he only controls one merc, he only hears that merc.


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