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  1. Well that has been a while .. glad to see solid roadmap of the things to come. One small thing missing, not to be complainer but .. DLCs, when where and how?! 🙂 Would love to see additions to gameplay, new mercs, weapons, items etc.. This aside loving the commitment to improving game, weekly streams are great too although the latter is bit challenging for my schedule.. but always trying to pop in to annoy you guys 😉
  2. True I do see panicking more often. FYI merc level help with this but I guess you cant do much then just get them more experienced.
  3. Good watch, a lot of valid comments. 20+ hrs tho is not much for final statements and comparing it with his most beloved game, well that did not stand much chance 😉
  4. Yup, the game just need more love in QoL area.. enjoying almost everything else 😄
  5. The worst part of this is game is how easy it is to decide to restart the game even after small tumble. Setting up your team is where I have the most fun, so even if I loose one merc I already start thinking what if I have these and these guys, who can work together, who new put into the team and which specialists I can bench or which traits I can skip. Then going through new dialogs or listen through their bickering is always fun no matter how silly it is sometimes 😄 I'm doomed with my iron man playthroughs 😄
  6. @Raeven thats pain in ass tbh. Splitting supplies on team creation is one of the most annoying aspects of team management. IMHO there are couple fairly simple solutions that would make our life easier, like disable supplies split or shift click items for moving.
  7. Some of the banter between mercs is really fun. Once I had Scope and Scully on team, they go back and forth like old mercs talking about kids and family etc. Fun stuff. Any other merc combinations you guys had fun to listen ?? Perhaps should create separate topic on this ..
  8. You need to have her with Wolf on same team and dont play it with your kids around (if you have one), too much to explain 😄
  9. I would also suggest to everyone to lower strength on IMP builds, unless you going for melee imp or strength based perks you can easily train it. Most of mercs are in 80+ range so you will have very reasonable gains and you do not need to gain much. I like to assign not more then 60 and train rest whenever I can. Sometimes I run with 50 to be just notch above my weakest merc. That 20-30 attribute points can make huge difference.
  10. One thing I just realised (perhaps obvious to others) that you have more lootable items (not only scrapable) when you have mechanic with 80+ skill. Wonder if there is same check on med skills.. Having Steroid as mechanic did not reveal some items for me which Livewire/Vicki did (FYI tested in villa where you have 2 possible hacking items vs 0 depending on wisdom/mechanic skill values). I guess I'm stuck with these two if I want extra loot. Wont be making IMP mechanic, too costly I guess will always go with high leadership instead.
  11. I would welcome additional counter attack route through jungle in down south, perhaps after the refugee events. Perhaps not difficult to implement and make defending bit more dynamic. As it is, I dont think it is terrible as they have to come from somewhere and you suppose to proceed with your conquest not just park yourself in one spot.
  12. @Melliores I agree with having to work around the limitations but penalty is just too severe. I think that good game decision is not to totally forbid character to get into area but instead have a reasonable trade off. IMHO 30 days = access forbidden, 7 days reasonable tradeoff/penalty. I do not know any person with these phobias, but IMHO it has to be gameplay reasonable not reality based.
  13. And no hiring after Ernie village money boost? I prefer to have 4/5 people right from start to go through opening maps super fast.
  14. @Melliores that seems kind of pointless then to hire anyone with these debuffs. Imagine taking -1AP debuff for 30 days after your tutorial bunker with Vicki. Then you have one average encounter and you got -2AP. I dont mind it to last longer but 30days is crazy. Would be fine with couple days, to week, but anything over that period is killing effectively taking those people on team.
  15. Uh why no explosive expert ? Your budget team can accommodate one more merc easily. Some sort of challenge run, how long you can stay alive without explosive expert??
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