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  1. I was under the impression that I was on an ignore list but apparently people cant help read what I have to say... 😆
  2. It wont get you killed, you just have to be really good at melee. Again the idea that every playstyle must be equally viable is very incorrect. Every merc I had ended up using ARs and similar real guns. If you use niche weapon types you accept the greater difficulty that comes with it.
  3. Feel free to repeat it 10,000 times, Im sure itll only help 😂
  4. Melee isnt supposed to be a mainstream combat type, its supposed to be niche or used in a small percentage of encounters when you suddenly end up in very close proximity to somebody. It shouldnt bevseen as a viable alternative, but if somebody has very high stealth and has OP stats to that character you can see how stealth melee attacks could work. The idea that all weapon and combat types should be equal or equally viable in all types of combat scenarios is a vast mistake.
  5. There are many factors to consider regarding melee like the fact that melee is already very difficult because it requires somebody to be in spend a lot of AP getting close and leaves the merc very vulnerable to attack if they dont finish of the opponent.
  6. But if I dont feed you how can I expect you to change your own opinion? 😉👍
  7. This assumes we think there is a good reason to be interested in interaction with the developers. If dialogue has broken down, and developers have acted in such a way as to signal a total difference in approach and an unwillingness to have dialogue, there is no need to try to seek it.
  8. Via mod and would need to be balanced. If the custom merc is cheap to make then yiu can just create a 100 custom mercs and avoid having to deal with AIM at all. Therefore each new merc would have to be a significant amount more expensive.
  9. Disagree with that if anything flag post is an example of good organic conversation.
  10. Xcom players probably arent as stupid as people make them out to be. Theres a market for very complex titles look at POE. This is the problem of trying to make a niche title more mass appeal. You would have to make a nichetitle like xcom so different to its original version to even begin approaching mass appeal that it may as well be pointless to try.
  11. Thats not really how processors work. Most processors utilize standardized commands. Its very unlikely that most people at Haemimont ever even have to think about the processor. Plus the processor isnt as important as people think. Its mostly GPU.
  12. Yeah I wonder why... 😉
  13. 😂😂😂😂 I think we may have discovered where that avalanche of anti CTH voters came from 😂
  14. What threads, theres only one I see here all the way at the bottom. "wall of text" I dont write in that way and solaris is more of a writer than I am. "the attitude" Brother, you are claiming you know how the @anon474 person writes and their mannerisms from ONE POST? Give me a break. Tell me how you really know about one guy so much you know their name and how they write even though they havent posted in 2 weeks, guy on a 48 hour old account 😂
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